Groups for towns/cities

Would it be useful to have groups on SFN for specific towns or cities where you discuss local stuff?



Hello, this seems like a good idea, I'm in Saint Laurent sur Gorre... anyone else? lol

Well, hopefully James can change Macon into Burgundy - and then there'll be two of us :-) i'm sure there's a few more of us around - somewhere.

Hi Tracy, I have already started a Macon group, but at the moment it is only me.

I think we are also fairly spread about, so a Burgundy group would be fine by me! I know you are close to border between 71 and 21 and I am nearly down in 69 and 01.

!! I have sent you a friend request then we can chat further. Yes I can use skype but it just needs a bit of advance planning to get my laptop out.

It would be nice to have a Burgundy group please, it's a large area but I don't think there would be enough members to split it down any further.

Hi Angela, Thank you for contacting me. What a great family you have. How long have you been here in Picardie? Are you on Skype? Are we the only two rare pearls around here .... :o)

We have nearly 30 hyperlocal groups now, have you all joined yours yet?

Hi Jan! I'm in Amiens.

Thanks Elaine, some excellent suggestions there, welcome to SFN from me too!

Hi James, Hi everyone,

I am new to the site, and immediately have been welcomed with open arms, which is wonderful. I have been at pains to "google map" the people that have interacted with me, to learn where they are located. It's really difficult when not familiar with all regions, departments or counties.

Myself and hubby are moving to France in near future, and have pinpointed a few specific areas in far south, south east, and not within a specific region or department.

So my suggestions are (from an outside point of view):

  • Perhaps (if feasible) profile the members, and based on their location density, begin there (it may highlight the more inhabited towns by SFNers)
  • Or, just start with each department, and set up a sub group or new group for the main town of that department.Then, if after a few months, certain groups have little activity, just shut them down (callous I know)

Sorry to be so late in the thread, but I want to contribute as effectively as I can.

It's a joy to be here, thank you!

Could there be a spot for St Emilion?

That takes in Entre duex mers....Libourne, Castilon La Bataille.

St Foy La Grande around and about by 60KM,

Hi James, After 40+ years in several Regions of France, I would love to start a group for my area... Hmm, This Hameau 'Digeon' has 3 counties. My house is in 'La Somme', just across the village green is the 'Seine Maritime' & I can see 'L'Oise' from my Window. I am nearer to Amiens than Rouen or Beauvais. The nearest Towns are: Aumale (4km), Poix-de-Picardy (16k) & Grandvillier (17km).
Hello! Is there anyone near here?
I'm only 1h30 mins from Eurotunnel why are there not more people on SFN? Where are they?

It certainly would.

A chance to stray away from the anti conversation Anglo Info.

Good idea

No worries! I will attend to it now.

Those amongst us who sit with a laptop permanently attached for the whole day often respond too quickly for their own good... so apologies if that's how it comes across:-

St Brieuc appears to be quite popular and that is great for us too. Cheers!

Here is a link to the Brittany People group Heather

Can you give me more info. on Brittany people please?

St Brieuc, please

It's the latter Chris! Just added Vannes, let me know where else you want and I'll set it up, thanks