Grue Sightings for Spring

Seems a vast flock of grues were seen flying South to North yesterday around 5.30pm…

I’m gutted that I missed them…

Has anyone else seen any so far this year…


I wondered if they would Stella. The wind moved round to the south this afternoon and it’s been blowing hard all day. If they come over us (47) you can almost set your watch by them - 4:30, 5:00pm. :grin: Not today though. That usually means they are further west.
So wonderful to see them going north - promise of summer.


None here in the South East of 86. The last couple of years they started to arrive by the beginning of February.

Thought that I saw a few a couple of days ago, but assumed that it was too early.

haven’t noticed any but I’ve not been outside much as there is the coldest wind blowing (washing dried out side though - yay!). I shall keep my eyes out for them.

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They flew over us in 33 on 7tb Feb. (not the full squadron)


Keep eyes and ears open folks… we all need a little lift, I reckon… and the sight of those birds is almost magical…


today was great for laundry, wasn’t it… OH was in charge (my hero) and when he finally brought the sheets et al… indoors… the fresh-air smell was wonderful.


nothing like the smell of fresh bird shit on your freshly washed sheets :slightly_smiling_face: :scream:

Two flocks of Grue flying north at 6.00pm Moussac (86) Only seems 5 mins since they were going south. Great sight.


Welcome to the forum, @Peter_Northway

thanks for your news. :slight_smile:

You’re only about 15km West from me so I’m delighted they’ve been sighted. With luck, Spring is on the way :grinning:

Quite a good website : La migration des Grues cendrées au jour le jour


We had some fly over us in the SE corner of 47 last Thursday. Very weird noise, almost like recorded goose honks played backwards.

For me, it’s rather like dogs yapping… we have quite a few dogs around us and the sound carries across the valley… so I hear yapping and look across the fields… then realize it’s coming from up above… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Some groups often gather over the church and circle the spire, gathering slackers… then heading off. Not seen that this year though…

magical sight … they carry on regardless of our stupid happenings…


In 24 l saw the first few on 11th Feb, but yesterday and today there have been several skeins. Lovely lovely :blush:. They often circle above our clearing here in the forest.

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I’ve discovered a group of cranes is called a sedge - well I never! I wonder if that applies when they are flying, or only on the ground?

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If you are in a direct line north and east of Tonneins/Marmande on the Garonne, I encourage you to get outside and look up. This is the big push - we are watching THOUSANDS going directly over the roof of our house right now. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


I’ll keep checking as that is almost directly south of us, I just looked now and there was a small flock flying in formation - the usual big V but inside up towards the tip were 6 or so all in perfect square - never seen that before!

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it’s alright for you… I’ve got a storm rumbling here… and thick cloud cover… grrrr