Guidance for a notaire conversant in uk Inheritance law

We have a small property in uk that we have never lived in and rent out, declared each year. We moved to France 6 years ago and live in our house owned since 2006. We feel it’s time to update our Wills but unsure who is best to discuss the details with. Are there specific notaires for this? We only know of the one used during the purchase.

Anyone have any knowledge of this, especially with uk now being out of the EU. Thanks

Contact @Guillaume_Barlet-Bat

His firm specialise in this and are recommended by SF.


Thank you Catharine, another To Do!!

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If your family situation is quite straightforward, mainly in France, and you are only looking for a will (either under french or english law) that takes into account the house then probably best to stick to a french notaire.

However if you family situation is more complex, with blended family members scattered all over, and several links to the UK then you might be better off with a specialist UK solicitor like StoneKing who have a cross-border team

Yup, that is why I posted a recommendation.

??? Yes, but is no one else allowed to offer suggestions?