Guirlande for sale(hand made by me)

(Meghann Robbe) #1

Here are two wreathes i have created and was wondering if any one would be interested in placing an order.
The first one is a book wreathe…the flowers are made with old book pages €30
The second one is an Acorn wreathe €25…made with acorns of course!!! 20181106_051335|374x500

(Teresa Shipley) #2

They’re beautiful. So environmentally friendly too. I’m in the UK this year. Hope you sell some though.

(Meghann Robbe) #3

Thank you!

(Peter Goble) #4

The wreaths are a work of creative genius, Meghann, and you really do deserve to find a market for them. I do find the word wreath a bit negative, though, as it is often associated with death and funerals. Maybe they might be advertised as celebratory garlands for all occasions, achievements, as prizes etc.

The garland made of the pages of old books is rivetting and so imaginative, if the books were romances, poetry, literary gems, histories, or other themed topics etc etc there would surely be a receptive market. I congratulate you and wish you well. If you send me a postal address by PM I will gladly send you a small donation towards your development and/or marketing costs. Bonne chance !

(Meghann Robbe) #5

I appreciate your insight on the word Wreathe! These definitely arent meant for death!
Your words are truly kind and my lil face smile from ear to ear, Mr. Goble.:grin:
Im not sure how to send you a message but i will try to figure it out! Your kindness is appreciated and feel free to share with people you know!
Im having a hard time to find work so i had to put my lil mind and hands to work in a creative way!
:maple_leaf:I also make little bowls out of leaves from my yard!

(Teresa Shipley) #6

Wow. How on earth do you stick them together ?

(Meghann Robbe) #7

Shall i give up my secrets??? :grin::joy::thinking::roll_eyes::wink:

(Jane Jones) #8

Beautiful! Mine look more like someone threw things at our front door…

.look our for a christmas market near you, many small towns have them where a stall doesn’t cost much. Or go and ask a local florist whether they could sell them for you for a cut of the profit.

(Mat Davies) #9

Definitely not - that would ruin the magic.

(Ann Coe) #10

Lovely Meghann. I’m with Peter on changing the name to garland -( guirlande in French) it has happier connotations. Having said that it’s your work of art so you call it what you want :wink:

(Jane Jones) #11

What’s wrong with calling it a couronne? Which is the proper french word for a wreath you put on a door. Guirlandes are things you drape over things.

(Ann Coe) #12

Jane a guirlande/garland is also a wreath and not just something you swag or drape over things. I happen to think that guirlande/garland sounds better .
Couronne is more commonly a crown.

(Meghann Robbe) #13

Thank you kindly for your genuine words! Since i reside in france…i agree, its best to call it by its french name! :snowman::christmas_tree:

(stella wood) #14

Whatever you call them… they look delightful.

It may well be a local thing… but here the door hanging ones are called a “couronne de Noël” and the lengthy decoration is just called a “guirlande”.

Elsewhere… I see they use either name… but I have noticed that for the circle ones they still do seem to add the “de Noël” bit…

You can always take a look, local to you… and see how they describe them…:thinking:

(also, I expect there will be a Christmas Market locally… and you might get a table there… )

(Meghann Robbe) #15

But these arent meant for just the Christmas season…eeeek, so confusing! I would love to have a lil table at the Monday market in town. The only problem i have is transportation…im to far to walk or ride a bike and my dear hubby takes the car for work! But i am gonna try a local flower shop to see if they will display them for a fee.
Truly enjoy every ones feedback! Thank you!!:christmas_tree::snowman:

(stella wood) #16

But folk are buying for Christmas now… so anything aimed at that will certainly attract folk… and you can show other stuff as well…

(Jane Jones) #17

Not round here it isn’t. All the florists are starting to sell couronne de noel, and we are even having a couronne making afternoon at our foyer rural. And yes if you stick it on someone’s head then couronne also means crown, but like so many words there are different meaning dependent on context.

(Peter Goble) #18

And I wonder if Meghan might make mention of California, or America 's Fabulous West Coast in marketing her wares. Le Fusion Côte du Nord Côte Pacifique… :hugs:

Might even find resonance with the many US folk with sentimental family ties with France because of WW2… there seem to be many, and there are so many war-graves in the Pas de Calais where GIs rest.

(Carolyn Kemp) #19

Meghann I love the sound of Couronne de Noël, so how about Couronne de Automne, … Etc :two_hearts:

(Meghann Robbe) #20

I love that idea!!!