Guy Verhofstadt supports individual membership of the EU, contact him here

Guy Verhofstadt, one of the main negotiators for the EU following Brexit, is proposing that EU membership be open to all those individuals who wish to apply to continue to do so.
You can contact him here:
This could be our salvation.
Please write to him supporting his proposal.


Hello Jane,
Is Mr. Verhofstadt Dutch or Flemish, in which case I’ll write to him in English, or French? If you don’t mind dropping me a line, it’s
Thanks, Jane.


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Belgian (flemish), Mark, but in any case his English is perfect :wink:

I’ve written along the lines of… please encourage like minded to do the same

May I commend your proposal for individual membership of the EU and offer my full support.

My wife and I, both British citizens, have enjoyed living in France since April 2008 and wish to retain the simple liberty of living in our chosen home with its associated rights as being part of the EU. We risk having these basic rights torn from us following a referendum clearly fought on lies to a misinformed electorate. A democracy can neither ignore the 48% who voted in favour of staying in the EU nor have some moral obligation to those too young to vote but face too many years without the huge benefits that EU citizenship offers.

I just ask one thing – what else can I do to help support your proposal?


Thanks Mark & Jane

I was thinking about applying for a French passport, as I have lived here (and outre-mer) since 2002. However, the thought of Marine Le Pen possibly winning the next Presidential election is holding me back (Yes, I know what everybody says, but similar things were said about Brexit and Trump). Your comments encouraged me to write to Guy Verhofstadt. We’ll see what happens.

Thank you, Jane. English it is!


Hi Mark,

Please look at my reply to Mark Sampson, re what our MEP’s are saying.

Good for you Mark. This proposal will help many people through bureaucratic nightmares.

… and read what Juncker told th BBC today… one wonders if the EU cares more for British ex-pats than the British Government!

I did look at it Jane and I have written to Guy Verhofstadt. Thanks.

Mark, We are still waiting for the promised repeal of the fifteen year voting disgrace.
Step aboard the ferry and we are forgotten. I have never felt so discriminated against as I have been for using my legal right to live in another EU country.