Gynaecologist - how to choose

Following on from my infiltration request, during renal ultrasound a mass was discovered. Update is a 6cm x 4.5 cm myome, non cancerous (phew!)

I have not been to a Gynaecologist in France only sage-femme. 1st rdv made by a French friends wife, who is a nurse. After viewing MRI (requested by MT) I hardly understood what she said but happy that she offered to speak to the friend to explain, though this did not happen.
I was then unsure how to convey to the Gynae specialist, that I was unhappy to wait 6 months to “see how I go”
I have now seen a 2nd Gynae but have felt mislead by the website that this lady spoke some English, it appears she does not or chooses not to!

I’m now in a dilemma as to search for another or wait out the 6 months & return to the first. However at least the 2nd has requested I return in one month…but are we going to be able to move forward with my lack of medical vocabulary? Im usually ok but now its my turn Im feeling out of my depth! Any advice or anyone else experienced something like this?

Due back at the same hospital for my husband and going to attempt asking if there is someone that could help me during my next rdv.

Good idea.

Any friend who speaks more French who might come with you? Two can be better than one. OH and I work better as a team. I understand more, he has better grammar, so both being present we get more out of the conversation.

Alternatively, if you have a smart phone, there are apps these days where you each speak into the phone and it translates.
Another alternative, find all the vocabulary you can in English, including complete phrases and use Google translate to put them into French, take these with you.
And ask her to write everything down for you. Good idea anyway since in the moment one cannot always take it in, even in one’s own language.

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Normally when you visit a French specialist they provide a summary (compte rendu) and send this to whoever referred you to them, plus your MT. Have you seen this? If not I would first ask your MT for it to give you an idea of what the issue is.

From your description I am a touch confused as to why you are going to a gynae for a renal mass?

Uterine fibroids are myomes so I assume that is what it is and that it was discovered by accident while having the kidney ultrasound.

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Very true! Then she needs to choose a gynae with hospital privileges and who is a surgical gynae. Otherwise could end up with more referrals.

(One reason I so love the French health service. For 20+ years had been complaining about a number of symptoms that were brushed off as “normal women’s issues”. Got here, visit to gynae, referral to surgical gynae, a day in ambulatory, no more fibroids, and no more symptoms. All in 3 months…)


I wasnt allowed to take anyone into the hospital and I’m usually the 2nd ear! Hoping another staff member can assist.

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Hi Jane
How did you initially select your Gynaecologist? Glad you were sorted quickly. The only thing I came away with was unusual for a woman my age to have 1st fibroid…? Any idea what “sans prise de Doppler” is

Doppler is another sort of ultrasound often used for measuring blood flow eg in arteries. Sans prise de doppler means without using it.

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Thank you Vero,
Google search didnt recognise it!

Did you google search in Fr or Eng?

Always french & whole phrase not singular words when translating letters/documents…oups I’ve noted my error…confused myself​:weary:I was translating the letter & forgot to Google search the phrase, a Der moment!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Easy round here…there is only one female gynae! And she sent me to her surgical colleague at the hospital. If you look at Doctolib and search for the type of intervention you need it will tell you who does it. Or look on local hospitals websites.

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I had an amusing story told to me by a g/f after her RdV for a smear test.

We had been to several gigs by the great Hank Wangford and his country-rock band, all of whom had silly stage names - the woman singer was Irma Ceetas :smirk:

She was lying on the inspection bed, lower half stripped off. A figure approached. She looked down between her knees - Hank Wangford! Doing his day-job as Dr Sam Hutt.

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Yup. He was mine (gynae where I used to go) and I loved him. He gave me some really sound advice that wasn’t actually medical but life skills. The nurses loved him too.

Had me in fits telling me how he’d locked himself out of his (upper floor) flat one night after a late evening. One of his neighbours called the police when she saw him shinning up the drainpipe to get in through a window he’d left open in his flat.

Fantastic guy.

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My sister is a gynae, practiced alongside him and is a good friend of his. I still have a Kilim carpet that came from him…

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Bet she knows Dr Azad at the Middlesex too? Another popular one that seemed to be a really nice guy.