Habitation assurance

Can anyone please advise me on this matter. We hope to sign the Acte Authentique on our house at the end of May, going back to Ireland. Our assurance d'habitation is due for renewal on 24th May, we have contacted our agent, who thank goodness can speak some english, and he said we have 10 days after expiry of the policy to renew it. But he was unclear if we would be covered for the 10 days. I know you must have house insurance cover at the time of signing the acte authentique, but do we have to pay the whole year it is 506.11€. The insurance is with Axa, I have read the policy and it does say you have 10 days to renew, but I can't find anywhere it says you are covered for those 10 days.

Thanks of that Andrew, yes I did read that, so I think its probably safer to pay for the whole year then.

you pay the full year and then get reimbursed once you send them a copy of your attestation de vente (your notaire will give you several copies, some with the sale price some without). Never had a problem and have sold 5 times here ;-)

The Axa agent just said we would have to pay for the full year, then they would reimburse us. But I think its more difficult getting reimbursed from an insurance company in France.

Will Axa or another company extend your coverage for say 30 days? I would not take the risk.