Had a great day skiing today until

Catharine broke her ankle, she's fine, it was clean break and she is on light duties for the next few weeks!

Jeepers, I thought she broke it again!

Ouch! Take care.

Oh no, just seen this...hoping you're feeling better.....you do like an annual 'little break' don't you??!!!! Wasn't it this time last year you broke your leg?????

That stretcher brings back memories of a skiing accident I had in Verbier in 1974. I didn't fracture anything, I tore a muscle which, for some reason, takes forever to heal. Hope it is feeling easier now and that you are soon back on the slopes.

Get well soon, Catharine. (I suppose at least it was during the holidays so you don't have the school run to organise...)

That's awful! Wishing you a quick recovery x

Oh no....... best wishes............... xx

Cata, I wish you a quick recovery.

Thank you everyone. It has been really painful but I called the doctor this morning and demanded stronger painkillers so am feeling a bit more chipper xx

Finally managed to get internet access today, so sorry I'm so late with the (virtual) tea and sympathy. Hope it's not too painful. Happy New Year to all. xxx

Hello James and Catharine. Hope everyone is looking after Catharine. Did they give you something for the pain, you look almost like you're enjoying it. Take care.....Stu

What is it with the Higginson family and their feet?

Having said that I cracked my big toe going over the horse in the gym at school and it caused my problems for ages, 'cause they can't plaster big toes. Are you in plaster?

Take care and let all the rest of the family help out.

Lots of love.

I really was not going to post today, honest!

But as the better half is downloading books on her new Kindle I though I would have a nose on here only to see the news about Catherine.

Enjoy the break, (excuse the pun) Catherine, luckily you have your own live-in master chef to take care of the dinner.

Best Wishes


Sorry to hear this as you really deserved a break (sic )get well soon and enjoy scenery,apre ski etc . joyeux Noel

Enjoy the rest Catherine...Merry Christmas to you all...

So sorry to read this…hope for a speedy recovery and take care. Joyful Noel.

just want to say that last comment was from ME!! SANDY Whitehead. every time we're away from home and Neil

annexes my computer I lose my Facebook and SFN presence(s).

Oh B****R!! Hope its not too painful!! I cracked a rib whilst sledging, last Christmas eve , but washing down the painkillers with an appropriate liquid helped. And as Carol said earlier . marks out of 10 for your own set of rescuers?

Seriously though , I'm really sorry!! Love to all, and have a lovely Christmas. XXX

I thought you said you would be safer off the skis! How many marks out of ten did you give the resucers? Hope it is not too painful and that you are soon galloping around on your crutches. It is a good job that James can cook because when I broke my ankle a few years ago, Eric hired me a wheel chair so that I could still do the cooking and the washing up whilst seated! Take plenty of calcium and vitamin E. Enjoy any pampering that is on offer. xx