Had your fill?

I am copying this verbatim from a 'health feed' that I subscribe to. It refers to Mercury Fillings

Dear Reader,

I have three of them in my mouth and my alternative health practitioner believes they are one of the culprits behind my digestive problems... she also recommends that I have my mercury fillings removed for the sake of my overall health.

The truth is these toxic dental fillings should never have had a place in dentistry. This is despite the fact that dentists believed the mercury would stabilise over time and be 'locked in' after being mixed with copper, tin and silver — thus creating an amalgam... Like so many other pharmaceutical drugs, mainstreamers actually believed putting a poison like mercury in our bodies would be safe.

Pulling teeth

Mercury fillings were first introduced 160 years ago when gold was the only other material available to fill dental cavities. Back then, mercury was considered the best alternative as it was more pliable, durable and far less expensive... and let's face it, the medical profession was not as far advanced as it is today, so perhaps they were not aware of the dangers.

However, by the 1970s, sophisticated technology, such as mass spectrophotometry, showed how mercury vapours are released from amalgam fillings. These vapours make their way into all our tissues and organs, especially our kidneys… causing a diverse range of symptoms including irritability, loss of confidence, excessive shyness, anxiety, insomnia, lack of concentration, memory loss, tremors, depression and fatigue. Worse still, a build-up of metals, including mercury, is now linked to conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and dementia.

Yet, the British Dental Association still reckons mercury isn't harmful, as only small amounts of mercury are being released. However, they do concede that this may not be true of those who have a 'mercury sensitivity', which, according to them, applies to only 3 per cent of the population.

I'm more inclined to think that everybody on the planet has a mercury sensitivity, since it is a poison and it doesn't belong in our bodies! That's why 3 per cent seems like a very conservative estimate to me. Based on official public health definitions of what constitutes an epidemic, that amount means that we have an epidemic on our hands... one caused by bad science and the mainstream's reluctance to admit their mistake.

The late Jack Levenson, while president of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry, compiled studies showing that dentists themselves show overwhelming evidence of poisoning in the form of high concentrations of mercury in the pituitary glands and twice the expected number of brain tumours; female dentists and personnel are three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from sterility, stillbirth and miscarriage and all employees have a higher incidence of cancers of the brain, and heart, lung and kidney disease...

Better late than never...

The European Commission (EC) estimates that we ingest more mercury from our fillings than from any other source, including fish. This amount may vary, depending on the number of amalgam fillings we have, but it can be up to five times the levels our bodies can tolerate and dispose of. This is exactly why the European Parliament is soon expected to ban mercury fillings throughout the 27 member states, including the UK.

Of course, we all know that despite the looming ban in Europe, dental associations still won't come clean about amalgam fillings out of fear of all the legal claims that might follow. Then of course, there's also the fact that most dentists are not trained to remove amalgams. Unless taken out by one of the few dentists specially trained in this highly complex procedure the amounts of mercury released could potentially be catastrophic.

For more information on properly trained dentists that carry out the removal of mercury fillings, contact: The British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry, The Weathervane, 22A Moorend Park Road, Cheltenham, GL530JY; Tel: 01242 226 918; Visit: www.mercuryfreedentistry.org.uk


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