Haier thermodynamique water heater 200 litres - 700€ BRAND NEW BOXED

79000 NIORT, Deux Sevres, Poitou-Charentes
Bought in March 2017 for a new build project which has now been abandoned.
Purchased for 1,200euros + delivery,

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Stored in a dry garage, box unopened and undamaged. Purchaser collects but it is extremely heavy (114 kg) and I have no one my end to assist.

Specifications :
By using the calories in the ambient air the Haier CET to ensure economical and ecological sanitary hot water production,up to 55 liters / hour. Easy to use: large intuitive LCD screen
and 4 modes of operation (Comfort, Eco, Boost and Holidays).
Performances: COP 3.8. Electric supplement of 2 kW.
Product A design device, powerful and easy to use
Capacity / Capacity 200 liters
Number of people 3 to 4 people
Maximum water temperature 65 ° C with heat pump and up to 75 ° C by electric extra
Programming off-peak hours / full hours
Safety Anti-corrosion and legionella protection. security anti-freeze and compressor protection upon restart.
IPX4 protection rating for device safety even in damp conditions.
2000 Watt electric press
Heating time DHW production by heat pump: 55 l / hThermodynamics
Coefficient of performance COP at 15 ° C: 2,77
Operating temperature -5 to + 35 ° C
Dimensions H 1670 x W 600 x D 629 mm Weight 114 kg
Colour : White
Certifications and CE standards
Situated 79000 NIORT

Still for sale as just let down by a buyer

Debbie, am I right in thinking that this has a built in air-source heat pump? If it does, will it require a well ventilated position, or is there a remote exchanger?

Hi Martin, It would probably be easier to have a chat over the phone than exchanging lots of emails. You can call me on my fixed line 0952267803 or mobile 0782363350. Thanks, Debbie

Good Evening Martin,

I am not qualified enough to understand everything about this water
heater, but they say that
By using the calories present in the ambient air, the CET Haier ensures
economical and ecological hot water production up to 55 litres / hour
and they recommend that it is installed in a space of 20 m3 minimum.

I have found a video on Youtube showing how to do the installation :

There is also a manual (in French) on the installation and use:

It is an HP200M1 model, so you may be able to Google and find an
English version.

I hope this helps. I don’t know how urgently you need a water heater,
but I placed the advert on Le Bon Coin this morning and I have already
received 2 serious enquiries from French people. One has made an offer,
which is too low, so I am waiting their response and the other one wants
to know my availability.

Kind wishes,
Mobile : 07 82 36 33 50

Hi Debbie,
I am not pressed for one, TBH. It could fit into a project, but is smaller than I wanted. The price is what caught my eye.
If you have a buyer from leboncoin then go for it. I am still procrastinating :wink: