This is a very sore subject for me or moi if you prefer.
I do wonder if all Hairdressers have a standard code of practice when one is
over 50 they take that scissors with a vengeance and give you a short back and sides. Something you never or would never ask for. You tell them you don’t like your ears showing, does that matter? does it hell. They just keep on cutting and your control is gone out the window. There you go now all done, they don’t even offer a mirror for you to see the back, no because its all cut in drabs bits hanging. You find this out with the mirror before and behind you and disgust hits you like a train. The scissors come out and you try your damn best to repair the damage. The only good thing is the hair will grow in a few weeks again and the only hope you have it to try a new hairdresser will they do the same thing? Take it from one who knows from experience in the UK, in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and in France, also in the Middle East that was not so bad.

It took me some time and photos to get my hairstyle.
It is quite true that older women in France seem to go for the short back and sides look.

Choose a better hairdresser. My hair is down below my shoulders and they haven’t run amok with the scissors yet.

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Quite like mine off my ears :smile:

Just a little embarrassing nowadays when they offer to trim your ear hairs!


There are three hairdressing salons in Sourdeval and I go to the cheapest and most popular. All salons are staffed with coiffeuses, all have a dedicated male/female section.

What has surprised me is that hair-cuts are always done with scissors, never with clippers, save at the margins. I am always consulted as to my preferences, and I always find it a uniquely lovely, relaxing and gentle experience, worth the €15 it costs. With the loyalty card, the eighth cut earns a €5 remise.

I cut my own hair using clippers, number 1 or 2 all over. Scares the shit out of the dog until it starts to grow a bit.

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My fabulous barbershop in Foix - every 3 weeks, love it :bearded_person::bearded_person::bearded_person:


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wow… that looks great

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My hairdresser, Frède, is a lovely woman and we have great chats. She’s a huge Doctor Who fan and even went to Cardiff to see the experience there. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan, or even someone who watched it. But I’ve learnt to love it as her enthusiasm is infectious. She was so thrilled the first time we met, which was in the street when I spotted her bumper sticker and giggled (my other car’s a tardis), as no one else had ever got the joke.

Sadly she is a completely rubbish hairdresser…but it’s only hair and it grows again. And I have lots of hats. So 5 years later I’m still getting rubbish haircuts every 6 weeks.


Awwwwwwww it is Stella - it’s a real ‘Man Haven’ :wink:

Look on the net and take a photo of the style neatest to what you want.
It worked for me.

It would have to be very simple…she struggles to cut each side the same length, let alone any fancy touches. Luckily I have had my years of going to amazing haircutters and having some great cuts, so it doesn’t bother me too much as long as not too lopsided. It seems many of her clientele get their hair done every week, so you wouldn’t notice as no time for anythng to grow!

Is this some form of masochism Jane?

Surely there must be a better hairdresser somewhere near you.

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Yes, but she’s such a nice woman!

So are you, obviously, as you don’t wish to upset her.
Why don’t you find a picture of the style you would like and ask her if she could do it for you?

I think I’ll have to… totally daft really, as if a plumber did a shoddy job I’d complain and not use him/her again however pleasant a character!

Also you are, presumably, paying for something you really do not want.

When I was working in UK… I would have my hair cut… dealt with… regularly… as I had to “look good” all the time (well, reasonably tidy anyway). Thus I had time to build up a great rapport with the local hairdressers. I would have a favourite … and a stand-in if needed.

Here, I cut my fringe myself (not very well, but who cares)… and I do like having a proper cut to keep it not toooo long… and some wild streaks of colours … so, I see a professional about every 2 years.

I ring the changes, depending on the whim of having my hair done… where we are… and with whom I can get a last minute appointment…

Currently got vibrant red streaks, with gentle gold streaks … mingling in with the grey hairs and my normal mouse-brown… :hugs:

A good cut, scalp massage/treatment… plus all the colours… and the cost was 37€… well pleased.

That is a lot cheaper than mine!