Hallowe'en Night - Does it happen where you are?

Phew, I’ve just tasted one of the chocolate-covered marshmallows… fantastic… if the kids don’t come soon, there may not be any/many left… :wink:

I am dishing these out with the pasta tongs…

and OH will be spooning-out the fruity chews etc

Oh to be a kid again… :grin::hugs:


Well, the locusts have descended… and there is not much left… :roll_eyes:… many more tinytots this year…such fun seeing them goggle-eyed at the goings-on … :star_struck:


Now they are off joyfully “terrorising” the neighbours… we big kids get to have an apero at the SdFetes in about an hour… hic…


Some apero !! … coca-cola for me… :roll_eyes: then I was “forced” to play football with several balloons and a team of mini-hooligans…haven’t laughed so much in a long time. :hugs::rofl::joy:


Has the concept of 'Mischief Night ’ hit France? Somehow I doubt it


@Inglese What happens in Italy ???

In the towns, groups of kids - under mass parental supervision - did the usual trick or treat rounds.

Out here in the country everyone was in bed as usual by 9pm. (Except us…)

But today…it’s everyone (except us again) off to the cemeteries with huge bunches of chrysanthemums for the annual tidying of the graves. And then…this being Italy (and a public holiday)…a long lunch…

The general cleaning of the graves and weeding etc… has been taking place over the past fortnight… some folk live too far away, but everyone mucks in to help.

Today the village is awash with folk… armed with chrysanthemums (as you say)… and, according to their preferences, they visit the cemetery, the church and neighbours (including us) :smiley:

Only the mad English would do anything else… OH is back working on our tiny gîte… and I am sorting the contents of our freezers… and opening a bottle or two when folk drop in… :wink:

Raining here, so a break from battering our acre of Italy into submission before winter.

For light relief, trying to get to grips with Preply to remember all the French I forgot when I learned Italian…

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Nellie… seems there was some uproar/bad behaviour… but less than last year…

I think it is mainly big towns… where any excuse is a good excuse…for throwing something/causing a fracas

We are 5 kms from our village so don’t get to see what happens there at night !

A bar/restaurant in a village about 16 kms away held an afternoon ‘do’ for parents and their children, I believe that disguises were obligatory for all. :ghost::ghost::zombie:

I’m always impressed here by the trouble youngsters take over their ghoulish outfits and make-up, girls in their teens look stunningly zombie-ish with carefully applied blood and artfully disarranged hair. Many if not most outfits look home-made, not shop-bought.

And they go round in well organised cooperatives of collection, and with impeccably monstrous politesse. Often shepherded by a parent or two.

I wonder if such good manners are down to the close association of Hallowe’en in France with the solemnity and family-linked observance of Toussaints? Everywhere is awash with chrysanthemums, it casts something of a pall, which is perhaps its point.

Peter… I’ve just returned from a stroll to the cemetery with an elderly neighb our. The place was packed with folk taking advantage of the sudden sunshine… but there was no sign of “a pall”… rather a great deal of hugging/kissing/chatting by folk who had not met for sometime (maybe last Toussaint) .

I know many of the folk, but not all. So explanations were carefully given… of who was buried where… and we moved from one tomb to another “paying our respects”.

The chrysanths are absolutely glorious… and the sun made the various colours gleam like jewels… these flowers are chosen for their hardiness… and they will remain looking good with no/little care… for quite some time.

Too soon, the sun went in and most of us turned to scuttle back home, whilst others took their time, with their cars waiting at the gates…

You’re right, Stella, not a pall, but perhaps a touch of sadness, compensated for by the amazing French sense of occasion, conviviality, and a lack of sentimentality. The clouds were grey in the carpark at the church when bells rang for mass, but children were laughing on the big carousel with coloured lights and jolly music soon after. :rofl::+1::musical_note:

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Mischief night is actually the 30 th of October !

Oh, sorry… I’ve never actually heard of Mischief Night… I assumed it was another name for Hallowe’en… Trick & Treat … stuff…

So which country has Mischief Night ???

It started in the UK a few years ago. One of our local towns adopted it as a way of attacking the police and it’s gone on from there

Sounds awful… :roll_eyes::open_mouth::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In Yorkshire some youth threw fireworks at a blind lady and her guide dog

That is NOT mischief…

mischief is ringing the doorbell and running away…

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