Halloween Party Food Fun?

Good evening everyone!

Sorry haven’t been very online in last few days. I’m from the New Jersey (Jersey Shore) that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve been distracted watching the news…all of my family is there. Luckily they are all fine, although one house suffering flood damage. Even the governor of New Jersey had postponed Halloween for one week, until November 5th.

Which brings me to my next point. Anyone doing any fun Halloween food events? Tonight I’m taking my 4 kids to a ghoulish dinner and I’m bringing the dessert: ghosts!

An easy Halloween dessert idea…I’ll post a picture if I can later.

Here is what you need:

  1. Chocolate mousse
  2. Oreos cookies or another dark cookie, crushed.
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Chocolate pieces (I use pepites chocolates)

    In individual cups, layer chocolate mousse on bottom and add small amount of crushed cookies on top of the mousse.

    Put whip cream on top to form a ghost and add two pepites chocolate for the ghost eyes.

    Hmm…a bit of a recipes for kids, but we all have a kid in us, right?

    Happy Halloween!

Wow, so cool! Jelly in the UK, called Jello in USA?

haha . Thanks!

Monster Balls

haven't heard that in quite a while

Have fun tonite!

Yr PS is also noted, thanks

We are leaving in a few minutes to a Halloween party, and I am bringing Monster Balls: Meat balls with lingonberry jam (looks like blood in the pan), eye balls: small mozzarella balls with a pimento stuffed olive in the middle, oh and GOOlash soup: Hungarian goulash soup my friend Marianna is bringing. That's what we came up with for the party....

I also heard, off topic, that tomorrow is all Saints day, a holiday where you go to the cemetery and place fresh flowers on family graves. Being so far away, we were thinking about going to the cemetery here and remember our family and friends that are not with us anymore,


Revolting Worm Jelly…

Happy Halloweeeeeen Mary. ( isn't that an oxymoron? )