Hancock screws up again

Poor old Matt tries to justify Tony Abbot’s mooted appointment because he’s not only a homophobe, misogynist and a fan of euthanasia, but also a trade expert (which he’s not BTW).

Though I think Abbott and Liz Truss would make a lovely couple.


Just caught the end of an interview on c4 news last night with Handcock, utter gobbledygook- if it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious. Hope Spitting Image make the worst of it…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Do you think Hancock suggested the appointment or was this another wheeze from Number 10 that senior ministers have to defend?

I don’t know Tim, but it seems to have Priti Patel’s fingerprints on it. Liz would be keen to get a bit of backbone (however odious) behind her in Aisia.

Exactly, they both know nothing about the countries with which they are proposing trade deals.
With regards to the Stilton fiasco, was she just badly briefed or did she insist on it being part of the deal?
Surely, if I know that the Japanese are not dairy eaters, she should as well. It is not a state secret.

Liz is a British cheese enthusiast. She will defend it to the end.

There is nothing wrong with Stilton, but to fail to understand the Japanese market undermines her effectiveness as a Trade Minister. It is a basic failing to let your personal preferences overtake what is necessary for you to do your job properly.
No excuse, no matter how much she likes British cheese.
Yet another of BoJo’s incompetents let loose to make fools of themselves and the British government.


The only logical reason for the cheese thing was to try to get the Japanese to agree a concession which was fairly unimportant to them (the Japanese eat very little cheese) just to be able to say “We got a better deal than the EU did”.

It’s pathetic really.

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Childish I would say.

That’s exactly what it was. All optics and no substance, like everything else this Government does.

One might have hoped that she’d have some Whitehall support to clue her in to the cultural and historic alimentary differences in the Far East…oh wait, all of the good ones have resigned, or been sacked !

Wow, who was applauding her ? She must’ve been using some unusual mushrooms in that Yorkshire tea she’s on…
In the same breath, practically, bangin on about the UK producing more types of cheese than the French, but importing more than 2/3 of cheese consumed from outside the UK - err, does not compute ? Or else, is the UK producing more types of crappy cheese that no one outside of the UK would touch with a bargepole, where UK consumers want imported parmigiano, povolone, mozzarella, camembert, apple-smoked German cheese, or Edam/Gouda/Leerdam ? 9/10ths of the UKs consumed apples & pears are imported - why does she think that is ? Seasons perhaps ? Crap weather ? Sounds like she’s harking back to the seventies where there was virtually little fresh fruit available during the winter months, and what there was, was expensive… and then smiles about it to boot…hmmmm


Hand on Cock wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Tony Abbot and Dianne Abbot - so I doubt he had anything to do with it…

or perhaps too much of this Abbot (hic)

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“the Japanese eat very little cheese”

Well, there goes their reputation of being a civilised society…

I mean, Cheezus Christ, who doesn’t like cheese, FFS ?!

They can’t digest it - no lactase.


And the stupid British public will vote for them again because they will believe their lies.