Hand tufted pure wool rug - 60Euros

Pure wool deep pile rug measuring 170 x 240. Light use in bedroom but due to change around no longer needed. Please pm.

I have more rugs than I have room for and this is far too heavy to hang on a wall.

Might help to say where you are… France is a bloody big place (as is each Department…)
Quite like the one on the right…

My apologies I am in Department 56 in fact in Reguiny. They are both the same rug, unfortunately due to it’s size I had to lay it on top of a blue carpet. It is a dusky pink and I believe made in India.


Sorry Patsie, a bit too far for me - even for a magic carpet :wink:

Thank you.

Have you tried leboncoin? Great place to sell things.


I may very well resort to doing so. We have had problems in the past with arnaque and it has put me off a little. Thank you for the idea though.

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If you have marketplace on FB (not everyone does yet) it works much better than LBC - no scammers and targets a really local audience. I’ve sold loads of stuff on there recently and nothing on LBC in years. Good luck!

Thank you so much. I shall try that.

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If you post using Mondial Relay it will almost certainly cost under ten euros… I use it all the time and it’s brilliant :slight_smile:

Useful information about Mondial Relay Catherine. Will keep a note of that for future use…

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Thank you.

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