Happy Birthday, Thinkpad!

Happy 20th Birthday, IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad

A warm feeling of nostalgia: my first Thinkpad was a 760CD, 120 Mhz Pentium/16MB RAM and internal CD-ROM drive, running OS/2 of course. We have indeed come a long way from those days.

I just read on the BBC that they have become the worlds No. 1 PC maker as well. That's a good birthday present for sure.

Lenovo No.1

I'm on a MacBook Pro now, my 6 year old Thinkpad Z60m is running Ubuntu and serves as surf board for my OH. Talking about my fellow countryman Linus Torvalds, here is his license plate:

I'm reading this on A Lenovo/Thinkpad now ;-) They are a great platform for running Linux on ,so I tend to pick them or Dell instead of others. They are indeed robust, reliable and just keep going. However, asthetically ,these days they leave a lot to be desired. I suspect my next machine will be an Apple, as they run Linux very nicely now as well, thanks to Linus Torvalds using one.