Happy New Year from the boss (and his sidekick!)

Me and Mr H have been a bit quiet for a few days - enjoying some family time. It’s always a bit hectic chez nous with one birthday on the 24th and another on the 26th - bad planning!!

Anyway, we just wanted to wish all you lovely people a wonderfully happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.

May the next decade bring all that you desire!

Love from C&J xx


Thanks, and all the very best for you two, and everyone else too (don’t really do all this new year stuff these days)
Not going anywhere tonight, just heard that there are an extra 100 gendarmes on the roads tonight (and tomorrow morning) in La Creuse, obviously to control the massive crowds expected to be out celebrating all night :joy::joy::joy::joy::beers::beers::champagne:


And a very happy new year to you Cat and James


To all SFNer’s and especially the team.



Lots of sweet delight for you two God-like creatures, AND I promise to be good JUST 4 U :heart_eyes::hugs::stuck_out_tongue::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::boom:


Well, Bon 2020 to you all.

Normally I’d celebrate but, somehow, I don’t feel like doing so as we stare into the start of a decade where we begin by throwing away our place in the EU and the world and becoming a smaller, more introspective, less tolerant, more short-sighted and just plain nastier nation.


I want to wish you an amazing, not just happy, new year. Last year wasn’t too great and I already know I’m in for some sad times this year but, hey, I’m hoping overall good will massively outweigh bad and I hope everyone stays happy, healthy and optimistic. Love to all xxx


Cheer up Paul @anon88169868! Things could get worse. Nice shirt, by the way!

Have a stab at my spanking new Quiz, designed to harness the wah-wah Unleashed Creativity and yer-yer Spirit Of National Reconciliation spotlighted by the Dear Leader in his recent speech on the steps of the forum.

Only 30 days to Independence Day!


Happy days to all and make the most of the potential that 2020 and beyond has to offer. Onwards and upwards…
National reconciliation in the UK? Fat chance of that.

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Good on yer, Damien. Bring your own tool, we’ll bury the barstewards. :japanese_ogre:

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The problem is that I think they will get worse.

You know the old saw, don’t you?

Q: What is the difference between an optimist and a pessimist?

A: An optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds. A pessimist knows that it is.

Depending on how we finally bow out at the end of the year it could still be a cliff edge.

Thanks - TBH I never really liked the last avatar, this one looks much more like me (well, a younger version of me, anyway).


‘his’ sidekick ? :grin:


Too many ‘Saturday matinée’ black-and-white ‘Cowboys-and-Indians’ movies? Adiós amigos! (Rather lost the plot there, perhaps, did I? Was a loooong time ago …:slightly_frowning_face:).