Happy new year - not!

(Emma Kate Jones) #1

I spent last night talking to all my family and friends in England, we talked about house parties and fun and other such things that you can do when you have a network of friends and a disposable income. This made me VERY homesick indeed. So, here I am, searching for like minded people from the UK living in France. Really I just want someone to reassure me and tell me that I am not mad and it’s perfectly normal to regret moving to France!

(Emma Kate Jones) #2

Well the last comment I added was very negative…I have to share with you all my good news, I have got a job! Teaching Anglais bien sur (GRETA)…I mean what else could I do? So I am feeling much happier. Still miss my Mum though and we re planning a visit “home” (now where is that again)?, so hopefully spring will bring new hope, more money and of course warmer weather - bloody hell the winter feels long here x so, keep in touch fellow English folk in France. I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes it feels like it ! Thank you Catherine for this site.

(Karen Ellis) #3

Its great to see someone discussing the realities of leaving ‘home’. I know I will leave the UK for a life in France, I have done for years. But you have to know what you leaving behind - and what your gaining of course : )

(Roger Thomas) #4

OMG you do have the three year blues. No youre not mad, go back for a visit, sit for hours in a hospital or your doctors surgery view the range of cheese in the supermarket, canadian cheddar and somerset brie, Un pick the plastic bread from your teeth…Go on make out a list of why you moved in the first place, tick all the areas where your expectations have been exceeded, add new delights and then list what you miss. I find that family are great over a Skype link, with broadband you can see and hear them and joking apart we see more of them now than we did four years ago. I also remember what it was like to have a disposable income but at what cost to your sanity, my French neighbour has never been more than a subsistance farmer and is the kindest, and most generous hearted person you could wish to meet. If you want to discuss Mortgages, the cost of having work done, what rubbish the local council are and the difficulties of getting full time child care you shouldnt have left the golf club!!!

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Sorry you’ve just had your membership removed for that comment Karen…I was up at 6 am to light fires!
I didn’t know that about Amazon - will check it out.Thanks!

(Catharine Higginson) #6

Gawd - poor hubby!
I think that lack of cash is the worst thing - with a bit of disposable income you can buy some new books, treat yourself or go back (which does work) - its the feeling of being stranded that’s the worst I think?