Happy New Year

After an extensive stay in the UK this Christmas for the first time in years, I'd like to wish everyone in the Business Group a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. It's not the easiest thing to earn a fortune in France by running a business but it would be nice if we could all be a little bit richer at the end of this year.

This group has been a bit quiet recently as I guess most of us are working hard to earn a living but it would be great if people could post a few tips on how they are successfully running a business and maybe we could set up a few links to resources they have found either on the web or in real life.

For my own part I have been working as an autoentrepreneur but having exceeded the limits, am now making the transition to fully registered business but am finding it tricky to do as not many people have blazed a trail before me. Anyone else in the same situation? I registered for TVA before Christmas but have heard nothing back so will post a follow up when I have revisited the lovely Hotel des Impots again.

It would be great to hear some success stories so we can inspire people and also give hope to those who are struggling. Lets wake the group up and have a cracking 2013 all round!

Thank you for the good wishes, ''thinking positive'' is pretty good, Things have to be in our minds first before they can manifest, so having positive things in there is a good plan.

As for registering, I think it was you who gave the advice which I frequently go back to,' just go step by step and give them the bits of paper they want.' We have an English -speaking accountant and we've found him to be very honest and supportive, but even he has trouble with the RSI. Our business is a small but growing yoga centre for which there is no category , so we are registered as a chambre d'hotes with yoga activities(. Reel Simplifie BIC) Sorry not to be more helpful other than to give you back your own good advice!