Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish you all a very, very Happy New Year!

Thank you all for all your help, support, input and good humour throughout the last year. Together you have made SFN into a brilliant resource for people throughout the world. This is a pretty amazing achievement so please give yourself a big pat on the back!

We aim to make SFN even better in 2012 - what's your new year's resolution?

Happy New Year!

Catharine and James x

Best Wishes to you both & family, I am a late arrival to this site and from what I have seen and read it will be most helpful to me and many others I'm sure. As to resolutions, having retired early and not done a thing (apart from outside work) to the hovel I live in since arriving in June, it's now time to get my axxx in gear and make a start.

A very Happy New Year to everybody, but especially to Catharine and James who have provided us with this amazing 'playground'.

Bonne Année, Bonne Santé !

PS NY Resolution is to lurk less, contribute more!

Happy new year to Catherine and James and family. We hope next year will bring you lots of happiness and prosperity.

Also Happy New Year to all the other SFNs out there.

Happy New Year to you both and your family, all the best for 2012, and many thanks for all your efforts in providing an excellent resource through SFN, very much appreciated by many! Long may you continue.......

Happy New Year also to all my fellow members here on SFN :0) xxx

Happy, happy New Year to you, James, the kiddies and the doogles, Catharine. I really hope you are in not too much pain now. Wanted to phone, but thought everybody probably did, so did shut up (for a change) but did think of you.

Thank you both for a super site and all the work you put into it. It's a joy to be part of it.

Hugs 'n stuff for all,

Ruth Deborah

Happy New Year to you too! It's going to be a great one :-)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it is happy and healthy for you all. A xx

Happy new year to you to you Catharine and James and everyone else in this network. May this year bring joy, happiness health and wealth. may all your dreams come true. My resolutions for 2012 is pretty simple : keep in touch with people I love and not to lose contact in this busy life.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for us all at Chats du Quercy!

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes, back acha, and Catharine and James a special Happy New Year to you. You're web-site is awesome as we say over here in California! You're too humble to realize the value you bring to us all with SFN and your efforts, and giggles. I'm holding up my cocktail of whiskey and ginger ale to you, and will be thinking of you all as I dine on my Chicken Tikka Masala and Nan. Remember it's New Year's Eve over here, that's not my breakfast.

Happy New Year Everyone!

A happy and healthy New year to one and all. XX

What a wonderful message Roger. Thank you.

Happy New Year Catherine and James and everyone on SF it's a great site and we here in Cornwall wish you all a prosperous new year..

Bonne Année! Happy New Year to the Higginson`s and to SFN!! Great job and keep it up!! Feet too!

A Happy New Year to the Higginson family.

Many thanks for the effort you have put into the network. It shows and it is to all of our advantage.

Please continue with your good work.

I wish EVERYONE a peaceful and happy 2012 - free from pain and sadness - may all your wishes come true - and I look forward to saying the same thing to you all, twelve months from now. Be well and take care of all those dear to you.


Happy New year to you all and lets wish for a great 2012.
Sláinte XF

Happy New Year and keep up the site, there are many silent who enjoy it! Nigel

Happy New year to both of you