Happy Premium Day

Today is Amazon's 'Happy Premium Day'. Whoopee!

Well, no. It is an impenetrable mass of things cut price. The real bargains were sold out by last night, the rest are hard to find and then the chances are small. I made a list of 'things', not by brand but as close as possible to my needs. I then ploughed in. By being a bit systematic it is possible to get wherever you want to go BUT (there has to be a but) then if your exact hoped for thing is there you have to start looking. For one thing I had the possibility of an over 230 page search. You look at something then decide to look further, but it dumps you back on page one so that if you cannot remember which page you were on it means ploughing through again. That happens each time. So eventually you get wise and note things with page numbers.

However, if you are looking for several things it gets time consuming. Worse still, if you just decide to random search for whatever then you are doomed to wander around, if you see something put it in your inbox, if that is not what you want then delete it. Time eats away at itself.

I am a Premium member, the €49 I paid makes it worth doing because I get most things next day, rarely more than 10 days if the actual suppliers are out of stock. It's good but I guess for anybody having a go today it means €49, if it is still that, spent to be able to benefit.

Anyway, so far I have achieved nothing but wasting time.

What is everybody else's' experience?

My stuff turned up just before midday. Love the 24 hour service, worth paying for. I have ordered slightly after midnight and had goods delivered at about 1700 which I suppose means that same day is possible, although it was more hours between my order yesterday and delivery today. However, it beats the old mail order business where my mother used to order in October in order to get a delivery in time for Christmas.

I had a look on there yesterday but nothing I wanted seemed to be discounted. It was ok if you are flexible on brand and not too specific...but I'm a bit of a researcher. I spend ages looking for what I want, reading reviews and then seek out the best price. The one item I did find I wanted was already sold out. I got put on a waitlist but have no idea how that worked as I never received any messages following on from that.

I do really appreciate the next day delivery though, that works really well.

And remember that if you use the "Amazon" tab at the top of the page instead of opening a new browser tab a very small referral percentage will go to SFN at no cost to you. Fabulous.

I agree, life is too short. My problem was that I have had a nice payment into my account recently, I have a break between bits of paying work and it is too hot to do other things, so an element of boredom kicks in and also knowing there are things to be replaced, but being too inefficient to keep a list have forgotten what. So, I shop around different countries, even .usa occasionally. I also rarely trawl through offers, never done Black Friday ones as yet. Having done it exceptionally yesterday, curiosity got the better of me and really I wanted to get an idea of just how seductive the Premium Day thing was.

I usually know what I'm looking for Brian, compare delivered prices between .co.uk, .fr and .de and order. I rarely, if ever trawl through the offers - life's too short!

Yes, I have got a couple of things on the way, had the phone call already. Usual bloke, will arrive about 12-ish. OK, so we both scored. But how much time did you waste trying to dig and delve looking for other things? I used to laugh about my mother's ability to find a place early in queues for department store sales years ago, always said I would never do it, and whilst I did not go looking before yesterday nonetheless get the sense of irony about doing exactly the electronic equivalent of my mother to a point without the equivalent of queueing. I think I can safely go to stand in front of the mirror and wag my finger at myself on that one.

However, the time wasted and the frustration of attempting to wade through choices of things I almost certainly do not need remains an open question. Who went there?

I adore Amazon and picked up their one year Premium offer for 29€ last week. Ordered my first item on Wednesday (14 July - Fete Nationale) and it arrived here in the Pyrenees yesterday 15 July just after lunch. Brilliant!