Happy Valentine's Day!

Years ago, I wrote a song called 'Be My Valentine'. It was for a girl, with whom I was madly in love. However, she was not madly in love with me! C'est la vie! (See how my French has improved over the years. That was not what I said at the time!). Anyway, I thought I would make a little 3D animation video of it! Nightmare! Usual story, left it far too late, took much longer to do than I thought, computer crashes, brain malfunctions etc etc! However, it is finished!

Unfortunately, although it is not that big a file, it is just a little too big to post it here. Do have a look and if anyone wants to download it from my website and thinks it worthy enough to send to someone special, then be my guest, my pleasure! My website's address is http://tonycraig.org/ where you will find other songs which I have written over the years and records that I have had released in the past. I hope you like my little 3D video, though I don't think Pixar have anything to worry about yet! Happy Valentine's Day!