Hard Brexit Dead?

Chris Grey seems to think so:

I’ll wait and see how things pan out but it was always going to be an almost impossible task to keep a free border between Northern Ireland and the south and achieve a “hard” Brexit.

What exactly is a hard brexit, there is only brexit, 100% out of everything, WTO with the world. Its what people voted for, and its exactly what they should get. Soft brexit? What’s that exactly? Oh yes, out but still in everything, that’s never going to happen, so looks like its just a bog standard brexit. May and her mates are pooping their pants, running round like headless chickens.

Like almost everything in life Trevor there are shades of grey, even with Brexit. Member of the EEA but not EU? Customs Union? Trade deal? - the difficulty is none of this was asked in the referendum, nor properly discussed afterwards, nor planned for.

FWIW even though I favour remaining in the EU - at least for now; Cameron’s opt-out of “ever closer union” feels right at the present time but might have thrown up problems of its own down the line - I often feel that if we have to be out we should be properly out because otherwise we will be obliged to follow the rules set up by an organisation that we have no say in.

Leaving is only worth it if the gains from doing so are tangible - and (IMO, of course) they are not; mostly they are not even gains but significant losses.

It is turning into such a fubar that the best solution is to cancel the damned thing.


Sorry but the UK voted to leave so it will just have to no matter what.

Opinion is divided on that one.

Don’t think so, I definitely remember something about a referendum and that there was a small majority to leave which was followed by the triggering of Article 50 etc. I keep waiting for the Labour Party to grow a pair of balls and campaign to stay in the EU but have seen no evidence of that as yet so have to assume that unless an agreement is reached the UK will ‘crash out’ in March 2019.

Am I up to date?

I think at the moment all bets are off!

Yes agreed, the UK should leave the EU, let the European project move forward towards its eventual unification. We as a species can then move forward towards the unification of the world, followed by the federation of planet’s, followed by war with the Klingon’s. Only thing that scares me is the Borg.

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You do not know that people voted for a hard brexit. Many people did not know what they were voting for except more money for the NHS.
It is extremely ingenuous of you to claim thst you ate a mind reader.

Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised, I beat the Borg with it.

There are 3ways to do something - the right way, the wrong way, and the Janeway

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Yes the Borg are pretty scary - but once you have been assimilated then your brain will be altered so that you are happy to be a Borg drone.

Bit like the EU really :slight_smile:

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Jane, strange as it may sound, every single person I know who voted leave, voted to leave the EU totally, no ifs, buts or maybes, out as in out, back to third country status. Apparently countries full, can’t take anymore people, need the space for the indigenous population. NHS is snowed under by free loading foreigners and all the staff in Lidl only speak Polish. Apparently you can’t get a council house if you don’t come from Latvia.

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Really? That’s s very strange argument. What about the economics of the situation and the realistic future of the United Kingdom? Shouldn’t they be taken into account at all? Is a non binding referendum really that powerful?

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Sorry David but that’s all irrelevant as no one with any real power seems to really care otherwise they would have stopped it by now.

Agreed, most of the older people who voted leave have no interest in the economic future of the UK, only interested in leaving the EU, cost is irrelevant.

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The danger at present is that May gets caught between rabid Brexiters and the DUP and it all goes tits-up.

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Let us hope so!

Depends what you want and what the consequences of “tits-up” are.

But, for now, enough “constructive ambiguity” has been injected to keep everyone happy.