Hard to read but worth it!

Yes, generosity increases with age as does forgiveness. Nearer my Lord unto Thee.


Like! very much!!

Ditto: heard it before James...a long time ago...but I'd forgotten the punch line !!!! donc...merci !!

My Dad showed me a similar letter in the 1960s - it was a hair drier then, but the punchline was the same.

@James - didn't think of that. Of course they'd find it offending :-))


Prearranged three of us (myself and two ladies one French one English) went to see an elderly British guy in a nursing home at Roscoff, a beautiful spot right on the beach. We eventually found his single room at the end of a long corridor. I knocked the door to see if it was OK to enter and he shouted "Yes. Come in ". We entered and there he was standing proud as Punch buck naked full frontal and very pleased to see us! Nothing at all was said!

I wonder, James (Burton), why you can't spell out a word a 84 year old lady can. It's a lot more fun to read the original :-))

Don't mess with elderly ladies!!

It brought a tear to my eye and then a gave me a good laugh out loud! bless her!

Like this lots. God bless the elderly!