I'm somewhat mystified - if a person makes an official complaint. And investigation shows the complainant told/indicated to the other party that the behaviour was offensive/unwelcome then if it continued, surely its harrassment?

It doesn't matter if the 'offence' was remarks about appearance or a physical act - if the complainer says its offensive then the offender should stop, if the behavious persists - be prosecuted.

Just because one individual is in a position of power over another does not give licence to talk and behave in ways that offend lesser mortals.

Being very cynical I can't help feeling that after DSK and then this other case, a lot of alpha males in politics and business are getting worried they might be expected to change their behaviour.

If you havewarned the person, then I would tend to agree, but I'm far from being an expert. Take some advice from a professional if it's really bothering you as is the case, it would appear.