Harry the dog's airline carrier box!

Harry, the Jack Russell with attitude, (from South Africa) wants to sell his once-used airline box!

If you’re thinking of treating your doglet to a flight, then this is for you. It’s a Vari-Kennel Ultra (fully airline approved) which measures 53 cm x 53 cm x 71 cms and comes complete with 2 feeding dishes (one for water, of course!) and a comfy cushion.

If you give Harry’s Aunty Julie a call on 0642 198 594 (near Quillan, 11500) this virtually new bargain can be your doglet’s for only €50! Seen new on E-bay for more than €100.

Important Note: Please measure you dog carefully. As a rule of thumb, he/she must be able to stand up unhindered and be able to turn round without discomfort.