Has anybody ever received a payments statement / pension entitlement statement from CIPAV?

I was previously required to make pension fund and other payments to CIPAV, as a freelance translator (now auto-entrepreneur thank God, only have to deal with URSSAF), but NEVER EVER received so much as a payment receipt or statement of years of state pension earned as an entitlement in return.

Is this other people's experience?

I am planning on using this as a ground to refuse to pay interest and charges to CIPAV.

(((As a footnote, for people irritated by CIPAV, their statutes as of 2011 are here http://www.cipav-retraite.fr/medias/cms/file/statuts2011.pdf, this article -- Art. 2.12. - Commission de Recours Amiable -- is worth a read, and I have also found out that you can take a dispute to a Tribunal Adminstratif: http://service.cipav-retraite.fr/cipav/article-91-desaccord-avec-une-decision-de-la-commission-de-recours-amiable-117.htm)))

As a further footnote, can anybody tell me how to go about advertising on SFN?

Hi Tracy, Thanks a lot, I have the information I require now. All the best, Conor.

Hi Conor, can't help on the CIPAV front but how to advertise is here It's listed under the FAQ tab on the top right hand side.