Has anybody heard of this Mermaids controversy?

The more I delve into so called gender issues, the more uncomfortable I get.

I may have posted this already, stop me if I have :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, but a friend of mine, a retired psychiatrist was sitting on public transport late last year across from two teenagers. She said they were about 14 or so and she really could’t make out if they were boys or girls. Anyway, she started earwigging on their conversation and they were discussing their “transitions”, as one does. The thing that concerned her was that while she’d no experience or expertise in the process she was very familiar with some of the drugs they were taking, antipsychotics. She was alarmed that such young people were taking such powerful medicine, and for what purpose? Part of the transition or for some other underlying reasons? I know if I was a parent of one of those kiddies’ I be freaked out.

Are children being protected enough?

There was a segment on PM a couple of weeks ago that I found very interesting. It’s an interview with a girl and her Mum about how the girl came to realise she wasn’t trans after all. It starts at 45 minutes in PM - 06/02/2023 - BBC Sounds

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There’s a massive amount of "open mindedness"which leads imho to people’s brains falling out and bending over backwards to accept nonsense, leading to wretched children being drugged up operated on messed up in so many ways, to fit in with some very dodgy theories.
But what would I know seeing I’m an old terf.


I think I’m a terf too.

Mermaids would do anything to quash any questions, let alone opposition, to their beliefs. Most reasonable people understand that gender dysmorphia is a real condition (though there is a huge question about how many children treated for it actually have it, as opposed to some other condition like autism), but many have been corralled into the trans ideology belief system.

Trans ideology is based on the theory that gender, and a gender spectrum, exists. It’s very new and based on negligible science, yet it has been pushed by its adherents and unquestionably accepted, by and large, by people who just wanted to be kind.

I am afraid that, in time, the scale of abuse involved will be reminiscent of that of the Catholic Church.

Hannah Barnes’s book about the Tavistock Clinic is out shortly: Amazon.fr : time to think hannah barnes (it’s cheaper if you can buy it in the UK).

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More insanity……

Sensitivity readers need to be cancelled :face_with_hand_over_mouth: