Has Anyone Else got a Ninja cooker?

We have just bought a Ninja Cooker as Carrefour had a very good offer and I had read just how good they are.
We are still experimenting but have roast a chicken today and it was wonderful.
I am going to do a pork casserole in the slow cooker part soon.
One of the advantages will come next summer, hopefully, as they do not make your kitchen hot whilst they cook.
For those who have not come across this machine, it is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, roaster grill, steamer, dehumidifier all in one.


The pork casserole is now cooking and you wouldn’t know.
It is totally silent, no cooking smells at all.

I have something similar, called OnePot.

I’m still working out how to use it :roll_eyes:

Have a look online for a recipe you would like to cook and I am sure you will find a lot of information.
There are many videos on YouTube, plus recipes.
Just make sure you follow the instructions that apply to your OnePot.
My Ninja is much bigger and we are intending to use it to batch meals such as boeuf bourguinon for winter.

Great idea.

Hi, I have an instant pot, very similar to what you have, I also have an air fryer and I can honestly say I think I could get rid of everything g else in my kitchen except the microwave! It’s amazing how good the food turns out every time! I can make a huge pot if beef stew in 30mins and the meat falls apart!

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My pressure cooker and my slow cooker have broken/ cracked this past year! I like the idea of the all in one ninja type cooker, thanks for the idea Jane :hugs:

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Does it slow cook too?

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(I am not hiding in Jane’s kitchen at the moment :scream_cat: )

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I love Japanese food, but not sure I’d want to try capturing, cooking and eating a ninja…


It slow cooks, you can make yoghourt and dry tomatoes etc.

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I have the poor persons equivalent of a ninja - wonderful for slow cooking and also used the pressure cooking option a few times. Enjoy, there are so many recipes out there.

A hay box?

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I was SERIOUSLY looking at getting an Instapot but then after reading millions of articles I kept reading that the slow cooker isn’t as good as a ‘normal’ slow cooker which has super put me off!

I used the slow cooker to cook my pork casserole and it was excellent.
I batch cooked it, we had one batch for lunch and froze three other meals.

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No, totally different. That is for finishing off a cooking process and keeping it warm, people have also used thick layers of blankets to do the same.

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Go to AllRecipes.com and search Air Fryer recipes. That should give you inspiration. Any stew or Casserole can be cooked in the Ninja using slow cook. I made my Xmas puds using Pressure function. Try Jaime Oliver’s spatchcock chicken over potatoes. He does his in an oven but we find ½ 1.2kg chicken on the racks works very well indeed. Watch out when roasting it’s quite fierce. The steamer works well. Make a tin foil parcel of a jar of asparagus with cod filets on top. Easy peasy.

The best bet is to experiment. We’ve had ours for quite a while. Needed an air fryer for health reasons and Ninja France had a corking deal. We love ours. Have fun and happy eating.

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Not a big fan of kitchen gadgets, which can take up too much room in a small kitchen however I’ve three cast iron casseroles, one circular and Chinese (Aldi ten years ago) and two larger classic orange Le Creuset bought at vide gréniers for 10 and 15€ respectively. I enjoy using really versatile traditional cast iron and enamelled vessels on a contemporary induction hob which has a built in timer.

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A jar of asparagus?