Has Anyone Else got a Ninja cooker?

We are having the pork casserole I made as a batch cook when we come back from the hairdressers tomorrow.

I watch a you tube Chanel called six sisters and they do a lot of freezer meals that you can throw into the instant pot and cook from frozen. A lot of the ingredients are American but I just add or take out what I do or don’t like!


I’ll have a look. Thanks.

I like the idea of having a dryer as well. Great for drying herbs, garlic and onion to make powders.

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How about cooking one of these in a Ninja cooker? Yuk!

Cultivated meat…

Grow the muscle cells in sheets in vitro, then run a current through them so that they twitch otherwise the sheets will just be slime. Might be ok. I’d taste it anyway, to see :slightly_smiling_face:

I would too, so long as it doesn’t look yukky. Want to wean myself off real meat.

If one of these cookers breaks down could you easily find a Ninja near?

We’ve got Le Creuset kit too but for Xmas we bought a Cookut cocotte. It’s fantastic… So light compared to the Le Creuset. Thinking of getting the bigger one next.