Has anyone ever transferred lots of Euros to Spain?

My wife and I are thinking about buying a property in Spain, for which we would be paying 'cash' in Euros.

The SEPA system only operates for transfers up to €50,000, so how are transfers of around €300,000 managed? Brokers like Transferwise, TorFX, etc. don't come into it, as there's no currency exchange involved, just a plain, if large, transfer of Euros from a French account to a Spanish account. (The Spanish account hasn't yet been opened, nor has the bank been chosen.)

I'm sure my bank would do it, at a fee, but are there any alternatives? Also, are there any gotchas? (e.g. Years ago, there were tales of Spanish banks holding up large transfers for many weeks.) Also, are there any bureaucratic headaches, such as limits on what can be transferred out of France without prior authorization?

If anyone has experience of this, whether to Spain or to any other Euro country, your input would be very welcome.

why don't you just transfer the money direct to the notaire in Spain, that way you'll only have one transfer rather than two to pay for (if you need to pay). Speak to your bank or make several SEPA transfers until you reach the required amount ;-)