Has anyone recently succeeded in contacting CERT re exchanging a licence?

Background: I became fiscally resident in France in July 2017, and moved in to our new home in December 2017. In October 2018, I sent off an application to exchange my UK licence for a French one. I have not had any reply. My wife posted her application on the same day and received her licence in January. On December 21, 2019 my UK driver’s licence photocard will expire. In July this year, I sent off another application, with a note explaining that there was only6 months to go until expiry.

With only a few weeks left to go, I have been chasing CERT with emails for the last month. To date I have not had a simgle reply, acknowledgement nor even a request to stop pestering them. Today I tried phoning on 02 55 58 49 00, the line is busy but occasionally I can get through to a recorded message. Sadly, it is a bit quick but seems to be saying that because of the Arret of April this year they are very busy, try again later…

Has anyone managed to get through the barricade of ignored emails and recorded messages, or am I just wasting my time? If it is the latter I shall focus on other matters and deliver a well learnt Gallic shrug when the validity of my photocard is questioned.

There’s another thread containing useful info Martin:

… but in answer to your question, NO - I haven’t succeeded in contacting them!

Thanks Geof. I did see that thread, and had joined the conversation.
With my photocard due to expire in a few weeks time, and having had no response since sending in my application October 2018, I am getting a bit concerned. That is why I have been trying to contact CERT. I have made several attempts with absolutely no success whatsoever, I am not sure there is anyone there at all. Hence, I was asking if anyone has, recently, managed to contact CERT.

I’m in exactly the same position - I’ll let you know here if I make any progress…

I’d build up a dossier of all the attempts made to contact them and turn it into hard copy. Something to wave under the nose of Plod.

I handed in my documents in August 2018. I received email requests for more information, which I supplied. Then, no contact since April 2019. I waited, and then since June started to send them emails to ask for progress. No answer. No luck with phone contact. Three weeks ago, I bundled up copies of all the documents, emails, and a letter detailing my contact (and frrustration) and posted it to Nantes. Last week I received a letter to say that my license was being processed. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in the same boat as you. I live here in France ( over 7years ). My licence runs out in Jan as I am 70. Send everything off last January. Absolutely nothing & have sent an email telling them of its urgency. Surely there must be someone out there who can help. I ‘m desperate.

Deborah… what makes you think your licence runs out??? do you have the international credit-card size one or the paper one ??

Please let me know as I’m Mme « Desperate » !!!

Well done to you. I will resend everything AGAIN. This is a terrible state of affairs. Glad for you.

I have the plastic card version. As I am 70 in January this expires. I have also tried to change the address but that doesn’t work either. :weary::triumph:


When I went to finally change mine, the card had expired … but that fact was of no interest to the lady (those were the days when one could deal face to face).

I was asked to provide the original paper document… which I thankfully had kept safe… and all was well.

So, check out the paper bit …

(of course you can’t change the address on a UK licence… :crazy_face: )

I got nicked for speeding about a month ago, safely overtaking a much slower car and slightly exceeding the speed limit. Very nice young lady gendarme was ever so sorry, but we need to fine you 90 euros and take two points. OK, it was a fair cop, but I’ve still got a UK licence. They asked me very politely to change my licence, but understood that not much was happening until after brexshit, but as I’d committed an offence it would/should be possible.

They returned all my documents and sent me on my way (Late getting to airport😲) -they didn’t collect the 90 euros either. Anyway, been waiting for something to turn up in the post ever since, but so far nothing .

Now I’m wondering exactly what to do - any ideas? I’m tempted to ignore it and wait and see.

Is your car registered in France? If so they apply the point account to it, it doesn’t matter that you have a UK passport oops, edit: obviously I meant driving licence here (I get regular updates on my points situation and I have a UK licence, and it is naturally well-nigh impossible for me to swap it for a French one).
I got a German speeding ticket in the post yesterday, only 6kph over so a 10€ fine. Ghastly photo of me quite obviously thinking oh bugger I’m over the limit.

Apparently this is a very useful well informed page.

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The paper counterpart that compliments a U.K. photo licence has no validity.

Hi Dan… at the time of exchanging my UK licence… the paper counterpart was extremely important and I was very relieved that I had not lost it… :relaxed:

Yep, french registered car. I had just expected something to happen by now, even if its just a demand for the €90 fine. When I’ve had them (twice) before, they had expected me to pay up immediately.

But you wrote this tonight.

I have never had to cough up on the spot, I have always had a letter a few weeks after the event, sometimes 2 or 3 weeks, sometimes even longer.
I am an idiot, I wrote uk passport in my post above, I meant driving licence, obviously. I got all my points back a couple of months ago, joy.