Has anyone tried a cure? Top tips?

Couldn’t find any previous posts on this…

Anyway I’ve decided to take the plunge (no pun intended) and try a Cure. Somewhat sceptical that it will have any long term effect, but who knows. When in France and all that…and French friends rate it. Right now even a tiny benefit would be appreciated, and three weeks of hot mud can’t do any harm.

Has anyone tried one? If so any pointers for things to do, and not do. I’ve found that many french activities have unwritten rules that can trip you up.

And things that are useful to have with you, as I’ve booked a Therme on opposite side of France. I can’t quite work out whether I’ll need to take books, iPads & iPods or whether the pummelling and hosing take up the full time each day. And what in heaven’s name are the three doctor’s appointments for?

Experiences welcomed…

Hi Jane…

Normally the web-sites are quite informative… so I am sure you will find all sorts of answers there…

Are you going under a Doctor’s Prescription?

My great-grandmother went off for her 3-week cure thermale every year. Holiday with massage and nice little meals plus stuff for alleviating whatever symptoms you present with. Activity-wise I think she mainly gambled. I am sure the enforced rest and infantilisation is probably what does people good.

I’ve done the research, but of course all from the french perspective. So curious if other points of view. And yes, I have rheumatoid disease so all under ALD and so on.

My sceptical side says that you are v likely right. And three weeks in the Pyrénées with various family visiting too will be pleasant no matter what. If it did help with pain then I guess I should just consider that a bonus,

(Great-grandmother…oh dear that’s made me feel old before my years!)


If you can’t get away for a cure, or even if you can, look at modern reflexology.com. This gives acupressure points you can use on yourself.
I find it brilliant.

Presumably your Doc thinks this will benefit you… and I hope it does.

Two ladies from our commune go together, each year … they have differing medical probs…so presumably go for different “cures” … but they come back sparkling and refreshed…

They are in their late eighties and aiming to make 100. :relaxed:

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