Has Uncle Sam overreacted? What does the panel think?

Could all this just be hot air :face_with_hand_over_mouth:If so why has the media (including my :thinking: beloved Guardian) been calling them “spy” balloons without a shred of evidence (yet)?

Reminds me of Rover from my favourite TV series…


“Is it just me or is traffic getting worse?”

John McNamee, The New Yorker




Has someone got hold of some old props from the Prisoner and filled them with helium??

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Seems like the US government is now saying that these balloons, whatever they are, are probably not coming from China, or at least are not spying. So, typical overreaction from politicians and media alike.

Your clip reminded me that I’ve always wanted to stay in Portmeirion. We might manage it this year, or next.

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Not very reassuring or confidence building from the “defenders of the free World” is it. With China rising and the US all over the place (not only geographically but tactically and strategically) I think we need to reconsider European defence.

What is going on now, as we see it, does not make sense. Surely, the US knows it is idiotic to open itself to fights on two fronts? It is already jousting with Russia. Iran and North Korea are clearly rattling their cages. China is not someone the US needs to be pushing right now.

It is clear observers have been numerous and around for quite a few years, and it is by no means 100% certain all these UFOs/balloons are actually Chinese.

I can’t help thinking there must be a large part of the picture we are not able to see and consider. Not that it makes any difference but it would be good to at least understand.

Here’s Brian Coxs’ take on whether any of the objects were UFOs

“I’ve always suspected that an advanced alien civilization with the technology to travel at close to light speed across interstellar distances would arrive in Earth orbit unobserved and proceed to dispatch a fleet of small, easily detectable balloons into our atmosphere.”


If only :roll_eyes: Napoleon didn’t nor did Adolf.

Brian Cox you have to love that, dripping with sarcasm :sunglasses::laughing:

Ha Ha! Brian Cox. Very good.

What I meant but did not put clearly enough, was that it’s possible the balloons or observation tech are actually being used and dispatched by other earthly ‘actors’.

North Korea is one who seems to be preparing for long range missiles. Not sure about Iran but they are busy making drones. There are also other nations who may distrust US and want eyes on.

I think aliens, had they already made it across the universe, have better tech :rofl:

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It’s all distraction by the US administration, since the NYTimes articles about who sabotaged the North Stream. They even saw UFOs😱

What attacking the Nord stream pipeline :astonished::crazy_face:

No they blame it on them🤫

My daughter in the US said it was balloons sent up by a society of some sort, probably amateur weather predictions but deffo not Chinese, Alien or any other living beings. What is irking the US populus is the fact that it cost half a million dollars to shoot one down, the jet could not slow down enough to get a good shot on others and missed, all wasted tax payers money people are now moaning about over there. It was on their news yesterday about it and there are now some very red faces indeed

Seems like a hobbyist balloon went missing in the area at the time. Probably what she’s seen reported over there.

Yes she said it was amateurs having a go as reported on the news. Somewhere up near Montana I think.

The Ruskies must besides themselves laughing… :rofl: