Has your Taxe d'Habitation decreased as much as expected .. or increased?

(stella wood) #1

This site allows us to identify which Communes have increased in advance of the perceived loss of their income…

(David Martin) #2

Mine has been reduced by 20%.

(stella wood) #3

Mine too David… but there are hundreds which have increased “in anticipation” :zipper_mouth_face: and thus folk in those C ommunes have not received as much of a reduction as they expected… and at least the Article explains “why”

(Sandy Hewlett) #4

My tax d’hab has gone up by eight euros from last year …

(stella wood) #5

So, if you were not expecting a decrease… at least the increase has been kept to a minimum… yippee…

(Timothy Cole) #6

Gone up by 30%.

(stella wood) #7

Did you check to see if your commune is one of those getting the money in… before they lose it… :upside_down_face:

(Peter Goble) #8

Ours has dropped from 992 euro to 744 euro which is about 25%? We expected a drop of 30% after reading the bumf at the tax office, but seeing some got a rise we have to count ourselves lucky. Taking TF, TdH and IslR together we’ve been paying around 300 euro per month in tax since we got tax residency, so any reduction helps, it’s a real squeeze.:confused:

(Teresa Shipley) #9

What is IsIR please?

(Peter Goble) #10

Impôt sur la Revenue :disappointed:

(Richard Carpenter) #11

I don’t remember paying Taxe Habitation for many years so I don’t know if it has gone up or down. One benefit of having low income I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ann Coe) #12

Have to say that we are in the same situation Richard so I don’t know how we would fare if we did pay :scream: