Have a look and see if you work hard

This link is on the BBC website, do this and then there is an earnings one. Worth shocking yourself.

How hard do you work?



I think we're all guilty of working and SFNing at the same time! ;-)

I may appear to only be here on SFN but that is the glory of writing most of the time. In actual work hours I was far too many hours, pay well no point in looking at present. I shall be writing to Mr Hollande to ask for a serious review of both and extension of the vote to all EU people and if all squares out he might just get in again owing to the likes of Messrs Hearne, Ord and Milne - but then I woke up!

Just had a look Brian but the earning's doesn't work out right for France, the average salary being 1500€ a month...! as for the hours worked, was way too many when things were booming, now way too little but will be back to way way too many with a shop open 12 hours a day 6.5 days a week :-O

Excellent quirky little tools those - thanks