Have a look at Connexion newspaper!

Maybe it is for the ex pats.....but we are!

And M Hollande is making a promise not to throw us out!

However....who will be in power when this is all organised....

No question mark!

the link doesn't work, Barbara...

Try this one http://www.connexionfrance.com/france-britain-expats-rights-brexit-hollande-may-free-movement-single-market-18291-view-article.html

There was no link!

So was that a joke Andrew?

the title works as a link, Barbara, but doesn't go to the connexion, couldn't understand why you hadn't put a link in that takes people to the article you're talking about, that's all ;-)

(It's not a site or paper I ever read)

Just read it - doesn't really say anything new as we (those of us who already live and work here) should have acquired rights under the vienna convention ;-)

Thanks Val ;-)

Sorry Andrew....I am not good at links.....and, of course not many people on SF read connexion...but, occassionaly it has editorial which is relevant to some 'ex-pats'.

Many of us live and work here and many of us have different circumstances.

I should read upon the vienna convention.


While nothing in life is guaranteed this is good enough for me to move to France before the end of year

Nothing in life is garunteed.

But I wake up in the morning to see trees, lots of flowers, silence, vines and just beautiful

countryside. Lots of things have gone wrong in my life..... that goes for all of us?

Hard to think of returning to UK.

Just to visit.

So I am hoping for all of us that the the leaders of europe think of us too when they

get divorced from UK.