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Has anybody has/seen this kind of attachment for strimmers? My husband is having difficulty detaching the bulbous part! No apparent fixings that we can see.

I dont know about that type of strimmer head, but I would think they all come apart in a similar way. There should be a hole somewhere on the head, this locks the head and stops it turning when you put a nail/small screwdriver in. The plastic end bit can then be unscrewed, but it might be a left hand thread (will undo if you turn it the opposite way to normal) it will probably be a bit tight…good luck

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On mine there is a tab you push that unlocks the head and allows the cover to be relased by turning anti-clockwise. Not obvious until you know what you are looking for. Also, may be stiff to release if it has been left for a while, so I give mine a good squirt of WD40.
Yours looks like a monster, I have a mental image of the strimmer staying still and the operator flying round in circles!


HAHAHA reminds me of those war-machines that lobbed fireballs over the besieged battlements of mediaeval fortresses, whirrrr-whoosh-thhhuunkkk! :smiley:

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Thank you for the advice and the laugh :joy:

I think you mean a Trébuchet Peter - They have one at Warwick castle, great to watch it being operated :laughing:

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What is it you are trying to do? ie which bit do you want to take apart? And do you know the brand as many maintenance manuals online. With ours you have to push and twist to release the top bit with the line.

Thanks very much for this intriguing and entertaining article, I enjoyed reading it. I thought the nickname Mauvais Voisin was really wicked!
I bet actually priming the beast and pulling out or triggering the release mechanism was a fearful task. And perhaps the idea of hefting plague-ridden and decomposing stiffs over the ramparts was the beginning of biological warfare, though I daresay its origins go further back than the 16th century? :thinking::scream: