Have you a Lost or Wrong parcel?

A friend has received an official LaPoste plastic sack containing an empty envelope (addressed to her from UK) and a selection of books.

She knows nothing about the books and is wondering if her own expected-contents have been swapped in error in the French Sorting Offices.

If you have received a package with contents you do not recognize, please contact me… between us we may be able to get things sorted.

Our local Post lady has made phone calls to all and sundry, but no luck so far.

Just had an update from our local Post Office. The poor girl has done her best and was most apologetic.

Her superiors have washed their hands of the affair, because the UK parcel had not been sent “Recorded” (ie no number to track). No comment on the LaPoste sack full of books…which must have been put together somewhere in France.

I explained to her (again) that the missing contents are not a problem (we’ve dealt with that). Rather that the books inside must belong to someone… who will be wondering what has happened to them.

Knowing how careful France is about following procedures, I find it strange that such a LaPoste sack, without any label or ticket of explanation, can suddenly appear and move through their postal system…

I think a stiff drink may be in order… hic :wink:

On the bright side… we posted the family Christmas cards last week and they arrived safely in UK two days later…:smiley: