Have you ever wondered - and found out later?

This is probably inconsequential, and forgive my ignorance, but with the numerous cars I have owned over the years, I have seen, but never really questioned, the black dots edging the cars’ windscreens. Thought they were just cosmetic.

It wasn’t until last night when I saw Greg Wallace hosting a TV programme about the construction of the modern red double-decker battery-powered London bus, that I now know what these black dots are!

They are called ‘Frit’, which is a black enamel band that is baked onto the edges of the windshield glass accompanied by a border of black dots, and is there to provide an etched surface to the edge of the glass to bond better to the car, and just as important, to protect the adhesive used, from ultraviolet radiation.

You live and learn!


Graham - I cited this as an example of ‘finding out later’ , not specifically related to cars….? Can it go back to General Discussion?

I’ll send it back to general discussion… …if that’s ok…

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I enjoyed that programme too, and the explanation of the black dot mystery.

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