Have you got 3 or more children?

If so, you can apply for a 'Familles nombreuses' card - all the info is here


Apart from useful discounts on the train - I have found that by strategic shopping at Intermarche (one of the schemes partners) - I can save a fortune. I spent 136.15€ last Thursday and saved 30.96€ which is then credited as cashback on the card and is available instantly. I've tried most of the supermarket loyalty schemes over the years and have found Intermarche combined with the FN card by far the best.

Maybe there is a nice certified translator on the SFN network who might do you a favour? Feel free to post on the FB page if you like too?

I got my application back but it said ‘Toute les pièces officielles non rédigées en français doivent être traduites par les ambassades ou consulats des pays concernés ou a defaut par un traducteur agrée’ I rang the embassy but they weren’t very forthcoming! Once you have to pay for translations for a famille nombreuses it becomes expensive…

I got a un certified translator friend to translate them as I was in the same position as you and it was never queried. Worth a try?

I have the application form too but you need all birth certificates etc officially translated and I reckoned that the cost of that would be more than I would save! Maybe I am wrong and somebody would like to enlighten me. (Child number one already has 12-25 railcard for her weekly epic journey to and from bordeaux) Look forward to being proved wrong :wink:

Not sure :wink:

not yet but working on it!

We have 3 and I actually have had the application form for this sat on my desk for over a year now… didnt realise you could save in Intermarche as well so will fill it in asap!

Thanks for info