Have you got a treasure in the attic?

How many of us will be scouring the cupboards for valuable goodies… :relaxed:

Sadly, not got one of them :roll_eyes: but found some good lead crystal in EMMAUS today :+1:

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:relaxed: We “inherited” loads of crystal from both sets of parents. Gave us great pleasure to pass most of it onto the youngsters… but we kept back some champagne flutes and wine glasses, with which we toast Absent Friends on a regular basis…

I still love looking, although I know it really shouldn’t… :wink:

Our parents didn’t ‘stretch’ to crystal :slightly_smiling_face:, amazing what is ‘findable’/affordable in Emmaus

Stuff has come on down through the families, generation to generation… and I have always loved using it. However, there comes a time when enough is enough… which is why we shared it all out…

How times and attitudes change though… as a kid, we often helped clean the silver cutlery etc…every week… and more often after eating eggs… :thinking: I can remember my mother’s delight when Dad gave her a canteen of stainless ! So modern…it was so easy to keep shining… so the old stuff went out (who knows where) :zipper_mouth_face:

Be good to have it now though, to flog :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely… :relaxed:

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When I was clearing out Mum’s flat I found several Rolex watches…

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I think they do hold their value… did you keep them or … :wink:

What did you do Chris ?

They wouldn’t have fooled a 10 year old :disappointed_relieved:

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:rofl: Bugger :slightly_smiling_face: !!!

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Saved the soul searching before you flogged them Chris :+1:

FiLaw bought this when he retired in 1970’s and I remember how excited he was when he showed us… so I think of him with affection each time I wear it… (it has no monetary value but I wouldn’t swap it)…

and it still keeps perfect time, so long as I remember to wind it…


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Well I wouldn’t have paid £14 for it, let alone £14million! I think it’s a horrid shape with unpleasant colours.

I would have found a spot for it… I do like it, as it happens, but would have needed to pay a lot less to buy it… :relaxed:

I would Adore It!!! then, ASP, flog it :rofl: first stop, order a search for my old Mates DBS V8 :+1:

I bought a couple of beautiful Fu dogs at a brocante several years ago, maybe I should contact Sotherbys ! :slight_smile:

they look rather grumpy… but quite fun… :relaxed:

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