Have you got any old-style £1 coins?

yes a few.But not enough to buy a house in Kensington with or even a Ryanair flight.

we’re checking our drawers and pockets as we will be in UK for 3 weeks and can use them up then (hopefully).

Have not seen a new version £1 coin yet… that joy awaits us… :relaxed:

I used to keep them in a glass pickled gherkin jar (having removed the gherkins). It was a bit of a compulsion, a miserly greed thing, I enjoyed counting them and sorting them according to their emblems. Yes, I know it’s pathetic, but I bet you’ve done something like it yourselves :slight_smile: The jar full was about £180 pounds worth, but I emptied it when money was tight. My favourite French coin is the 50c piece.


We used to have a gallon bottle of Bell’s Whisky (I had already drunk the contents) on the bar… collecting whatever coins for the local Old Folk’s Fund. amazing how quickly that used to fill up.

I now have an old sweet jar… full of “shrapnel”… that we use when playing cribbage etc…

I expect folk will donate the old-style £1 coins when they can no longer use them in the shops…as I believe the Bank of England allows quite a long leeway …good causes usually find a way around the bureaucracy :wink:

Used all ours to buy Poppies from the Poppy Appeal

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Done exactly the same thing last week in UK…

I hadn’t found many in my coin jar, but I’d found a few and put them in my bag to use next week when I go to London. Now I know better. Not sure what I’ll do with the old ones but thanks for the heads up (pun intended). I won’t be quite such an annoying tourist now; always a plus. :slight_smile:

Mary… we were told that Tesco were still taking the old £1 coins… but we never made it to that supermarket…