Have you got your thermals ready?

Seems that about this time in 2012… I was wearing two pairs of socks and snowboots… not needed them since… but I’ll have a look… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It looks as though we will be having snow here in the Clunysois.

It started snowing here in central France last night. It’s now a bitterly cold -3 with the local forecast saying it will feel like - 7, and that’s just what it does feels like!
I have to go out later ( more snow forecast) as I have a rv at the vet’s, otherwise I wouldn’t budge ! Hate snow :frowning:

It’s perishing here… with snowflakes falling, but not settling… yet.

Funeral this afternoon so I am putting the heating on the church, well in advance.

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Also put those thermals on Stella, maybe take a hip flask to the church :wink:

Just dashed back indoors… perishing out there… heaters are lit and folk will find a nice warm welcome there, this afternoon. :hugs: (Funerals can be sad occasions, no need to have folk shivering as well…)

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Just rain here - feels like it’s been raining for months. Might get a few flakes later though!

Just back from the vet’s. No snow there (22 kms from here) but just started snowing again here ! I live on the heights and we have just had a communiqué spécial and are on alert orange ! If this contnues driving wil be difficult tomorrow. Hope not as I have to collect my Kitty tomorrow afternoon :thinking:

Poor Kitty. Hope your furry friend is feeling better soon. I have 2 cats and I hate it when they are ill.

Thanks Mandy

She is a lovely little thing, from one of the neighbour’s cats numerous litters of kittens. They all usually end up ‘disappearing’ after a while. This one has part of her back foot missing, either a birth defect or maybe from being trodden on by a cow. Anyway long story short, after 3 years of trying, and putting food out, doctored with a cat birth pill, I have finally got her to trust me enough that she has come in and let me pet her, brush her etc;. The vet gave me a tranquiliser to use today so that I was able to put her in a cat carrier, without getting torn to pieces :wink: Tomorrow morning she will be operated on (sterilised) and hopefully I can bring her home tomorrow evening. The vet will give her a good check up too. I think that she will make a lovel pet and I aim to spoil her rotten. I felt really guilty for leaving her there especially as she was looking at me so reproachfully, but it’s for her own good as the pill isn’t a good solution. Missing her though, so is my mum who loves her too. Roll on tomorrow, it will be a long day and night for Kitty though :frowning:

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My daughter has been in touch from the UK… instructing me to take care and to stay indoors if it is icy…(our roles seem reversed nowadays) :hugs:

Keep safe everyone… especially if you have to drive on dodgy roads… there’s a lot of orange on the meteo map…

We now have lying snow in Clunysois and more forecast.
It is cold.

It’s coming quite thick and fast now… cars opposite are covered already…
It all looks so lovely in the lamplight… but hopefully it will be gone by morning…

Here, we’ve got snow everywhere except the road… for the moment…

2 days of snow and it’s now quite thick here, bitterly cold and still snowing ! Local forecast, more to come and a temperature drop to -10 tomorrow. School transport not running either :frowning:

glad for your ‘except for the roads’ comment.
We’re driving down from Calais to 47150 tomorrow night!
I’m told the motorways are clear.
Fingers crossed.

Lovely story. Our 2 both came to us by accident as well.

Kitty Cat is 10 this year and he moved in with us as a kitten after deciding he didn’t want to live with our neighbours anymore. They kept coming to get him but he refused to stay with them. Then one day they just left without him and he’s been a permanent resident ever since.

Denzel is 8 on 1 May. I know this because I saw him being born. A pregnant stray turned up in our garden (previous house) and decided she wanted to have her babies with us! I prepared a box for her and she had her 3 babies in our living room.She was a great Mum but wouldn’t allow me to touch her although she did accept food from me when I held the bowl for her. Anyway, eventually she abandoned the babies, as they do, when they were old enough and she left. We found homes for 2 of them and kept the 3rd.

Hope all is well when you collect your little one today.


Ray… our first winter here… camping in one room… -15c and thick snow everywhere… except on the road outside our house…

On seeing this, I blithely remarked something along the lines of… "Wonderful place France, they’ve even got underfloor-heating for the roads… " :hugs::hugs::hugs:

later, mentioning this to a neighbour (who already thought we were mad…)… I saw his incredulous expression and realized my mistake…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Our snow is now very thick on the grass/hedges… but still not on the roads… however, we are not going to venture forth… plenty of logs in the hallway for the lounge fire and the CH is keeping everywhere else just nice… :hugs:

First smattering of snow today here in Brittany…tiny hamlet close to Josselin…after what feels like endless rain…glad to live on a slope…lol…note to self: this summer locate buy and install two concrete slabs outside the back door…and two concrete slabs one either side of the back gate leading from The Collie Garden to the fieldy bit…at the minute we go for a walk on the field…nice clean feet in the grass…but to come back into the house we have to negotiate a puddle of mud at the back gate and a huge puddle of mud just before we walk through the back door…lol…where can I buy concrete slabs…?!?..x :smiley: