Have you had any strange visitors

This did make me chuckle… we’ve had birds, bats, lizards, mice etc indoors… but not an Alpaca… not yet…

Have you had anything “odd” pop in to your place, to say hello…:thinking::relaxed:

friends have alpacas, they’re funny little characters. Last year we had a ewe come into our garden and spend the day and trot off over the hills at dusk. This happened for a couple of days and then she appeared with a big ram … they spent the day in our garden and, again, went off back over the hills. Next day a farmer arrived with a van to catch them and apologised they’d been a problem. He said the ewe was elderly and a pet… called Dolly. Dolly the sheep! (anyone remember the first cloned sheep). Led to a fairly interesting conversation about cloning and stretched my vocabulary to the limit.


2006 and we were awakened by the shrieks from next door… Josette lazily leaned out of her bedroom window and saw this cow on her patio… Josette retreated under her bedclothes and sent her OH to deal with the intruder… me, I dashed for my camera… click click… I followed the cow, through the garden and all the way back up the street … just to be sure she went home…



My (now ex) in-laws…several months after us arriving here in 2002, they turned up to stay for a fonight

I knew they were strange when we lived in GB, but still I agreed to them coming

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