Have you had your avis d'impôts yet?

(Jane Jones) #1

I need the latest avis as a justification, but it’s not arrived and not on line either. Last year we got ours mid-September. Have you had yours yet?

(Paul Flinders) #2

Had TF but not Taxe d’H yet - we’re in Brittany though (and only 2nd home owners so get our bills a month later than residents).

(Jane Jones) #3

It’s the impôts sur revenu I’m after…

(Anna Watson) #4

Mine was online in July.

(Paul Flinders) #5

OK, don’t get one of those :slight_smile:

(David Martin) #6

I got mine a long time ago.

(Teresa Shipley) #7

Can you go to the local office and get it?
We wanted to pay our tax fonciere before returning to UK at end of September so went in and asked for a bill.

(Jane Jones) #8

Yes We went to the local office a while back, and they’ve given us a print out of their internal statement and said it has been prepared and will be issued shortly. But that was a month or so back and still not with us. Although the internal statement tells us the calculation etc what we need is the official avis.

(Michael Archer) #9

Post withdrawn.

(Leslie Charles Dunstan) #10

Go online and you will find the amount.

(Jane Jones) #11

No, it is not online. That’s my whole problem. I know the amount but that’s not what I need right now.

(stella wood) #12

Hi Jane

There must be some reason for the “hiccup”… is your Tax situation more complicated than us “simple” Retirees for example… are you in Business etc…

Just trying to figure why the Tax folk would be able to tell you what your situation is… yet not be able to issue the document… (bizarre on the face of it)…:zipper_mouth_face: and obviously very annoying for you…

(Jane Jones) #13

Yes bizarre, and we are not that complicated. Yes we have our business income, plus other bits from several different sources but has never been this late before. The online guidance say that they should be issued by end of August, but may be later.

Looks like another trip to the tax office. Annoying as it’s in a town we never go to for any other reason so nothing else we can do to make the journey worthwhile.

(stella wood) #14

Is there anything to be gained by making the trip then… if it is still not on-line… what can they do??

Drat and double drat… I wonder if it is anything to do with “deductions at source” and all that stuff being brought in next year ?? (only a random thought)

(Jane Jones) #15

Just to complete the thread… we finally made it to town and dropped in at the tax office on Friday to ask when we might receive our Avis.

As helpful as ever, of course, but turned out not to be a simple answer. It seems that a certain number of online declarations were caught up in a computer glitch that completely corrupted the dossiers. They each have to be reentered manually and there is a huge backlog. I was assured that we would get our avis sometime early next year, probably mid-February. And in time to pay it by 15th March. No comment!

It will be interesting to see what that does to the prelevememt at source calculation as we are due to start paying that in January…

Where this leaves us in having an up to date avis to send off with our applications for exchange of driving licence I also don’t know. Plus we also need it to prove residency for another matter. What else apart form your avis gives proof you are a resident?

(David Martin) #16

Affiliation to the health service.

(stella wood) #17


I reckon a Utility Bill issued less than 6 months ago…

(Jane Jones) #18

Good idea, thanks.

(Jane Jones) #19

You need a justification of residence as well as domicile. I had overlooked the mention of sécurité sociale until David mentioned it.

Mind you domicile is also difficult as all the utilities are in OH’s name and its taking forever to change them into joint names. Currently our avis is only thing in joint names.

(stella wood) #20

and your Mobile Phone… ???

Thankfully, every bill is in joint names… although it did take EDF a long time to stop calling my OH by a girl’s name… due to someone going bonkers…