Have your say on complex administrative forms/communications/websites

It seems the government are keen to receive confusing/poor/wordy examples of emails, letters, forms, webpages… and any other sort of communication that comes from a public service.

You simply take a photo or screen shot of the offending document, upload it to the site below, along with a short note on how you think it could be improved.


I’ve sent a handful of crappy communications in already. Feels quite cathartic being able to tell them what I think!

There’s no need to provide personal details when submitting - seems they simply want to understand what we find difficult.

The site has an examples of the sorts of communications others have sent in. It’s reassuring to think this is being looked at but I imagine it’s not going to change too soon.

Something tells me this isn’t a job for the feint hearted!


A good idea! Fortunately we don’t receive many communications from public services but will keep an eye open from now on.

I’m wondering how long it would take to screenshot the entire tax return and all the other bits :sweat_smile:


Ha ha! Let us know when you’ve done it… You definitely have a point though. It seemed much more complicated than usual this year.

As far as I understand (which may only be a couple of metres) this year (2020) was a sort of intermediary one-off and that next year will be less complicated.

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Thanks DrMark! That is reassuring.