Having left Booking.com, how do you get their link off your Tripadvisor page

Hi Guys

Im posting this on behalf of a BnB owner I know in Normandy. They went onto booking.com last year, and their tripadvisor page was updated with the link to booking.com. They have launched their own booking service and left booking.com, but cant get the link to booking.com off their tripadvisor page. It says "check rates" and then "this hotel is not available" and directs potential clients to a competitor.

Calls, emails etc to booking.com and tripadvisor have proved fruitless.

Anyone with any ideas or experience of this issue....if you could kindly share your thoughts or wisdom, it would be very much appreciated.


I am mentoring B&B owners in the Limousin and they had the same problem. It's outrageous, but their persistence paid off in the end. Just keep on keeping on, call every day, send emails, post on social media, tweet it, don't stop until the button is removed. Hope that helps you :-)