Having trouble paying your Auto Entrepreneur/MIcro Enterprise Tax Online?

Is anyone having trouble paying your AE tax online, I can’t understand where on the http://www.net-entreprises.fr/ site this is supposed to be done. It sends me around in circles. Clues please!

What exactly are you trying to pay, James?
The site won’t be accepting quarterly declarations at the moment, the quarter hasn’t finished yet.
Not sure how it works if you declare monthly.

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@cat received this hence the confusion, what do you reckon?

James… did she receive a letter before this one… as it claims ??

Personally, having gone boggle-eyed at their site… I would contact the Conseiller who is… à votre disposition… and ask him/her what is going on.

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Yes as you say it’s reminding her that she’s required to declare online, paper declarations aren’t acceptable.

As long as she has her espace set up on netentreprise she should be able to declare when the time comes, but if you declare quarterly there are specific windows when you can submit your declaration. Usually you get an email to tell you when the window has opened. For Q1 you make your declaration during April. You can’t make a quarterly declaration in the middle of March. I imagine that’s why you can’t access the declaration at the moment but usually when you log on at declaration time, it is offered to you as soon as you log on to your espace.

However from the letter it looks as if they are ticking her off for not having done anything about it yet so maybe she makes her declarations monthly? In which case I don’t know how it works what the windows are. Did the previous letter ask her to do something specific? Has she set her account up?

Edit - re reading your post I’m wondering if you’re trying to find your way round the site without logging on to your espace. You can’t; once you log on, you get a completely different set of menus, relevant to you. You can look at your previous declarations, see totals for each year, download various attestations, check that your account isn’t in debit, send emails with queries, etc, and also, submit your declaration when due.

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I’ll check and come back to you both, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks ladies. I never got a previous letter and yes, had been declaring monthly. I’ve got a friend round the corner who does hers monthly online so when she comes back from hols in a week, we’re going to get together and she can show me how to do it. Because it is doing my head in!!!

When you log on, do you not get this screen?

If so you simply click on “Accéder à la déclaration”.
If you don’t get this screen I’m wondering if something went wrong when you created your account, possibly you created an employer account rather than a micro entrepreneur account?
Good luck with it, it can be so frustrating when it doesn’t work - and then suddenly it all falls into place :_)

I haven’t been able to declare online since January, so I called the Centre de Paiements du RSI and they asked me to send an Attestation sur L’Honneur to them, stating my earnings.

Since December I got the message that the system was being updated to reflect 01.01.2017 changes and declaration would only be possible from April 11th and that I should include Q4 2016 with Q1 2017. Sure enough I could do this as of the 11th.