Having your dog put to sleep

Hi, wonder if anyone can help me. I live between Dol de Bretagne and Pontorson and I am looking for a vet who will come to my home to put my dog to sleep. He is nearly 16 years old and I would rather he went to sleep in his won bed than on the vet’s table. Unfortunately my vet does not provide this service. Thank you.

Hello Mark. How awfully sad that you have to say goodbye to your good friend. We went through the same thing quite recently and the vet did come to our house. We had to pay some extra for the ‘déplacement’, but it’s the most gentle way to do this. Just call another vet in your village, or one nearby and ask him/her to come over.
Not very kind of your own vet, by the way.
Will be thinking of you and yours. Bon courage and for your dog: Bon Voyage to the Happy Hunting Grounds.
Lynn’s idsea is a good one, too!

Hi Mark,
This is such a tough decision, but I’m fully understanding that in his own bed, your dog will pass much more comfortably and you will be much more at ease too. Our own vet does this but not much use to you as we are in the Tarn et Garonne!
However, I’ve just done a search in Pages Jaunes for “Veterinaire à domicile” and it cam up with some options, try doing this with your postal department at the end of the search.
Best wishes